Freeform LED Display

Polygon LED Display
Polygon LED DisplayPolygon LED DisplayPolygon LED Display

Environment: Indoor
Installation: Permanent



Product Description

Polygon LED Display to some extent, could be Creative LED Screen, everything can be customized, pixel pitch, shape, effects, etc. Endless imagination and effects come in a freeform way, Polygon LED Display is specially designed for stage, bar, events, etc. to creates eye-catching effects. Unique shapes and stunning visual impact are just one of the highlights of Polygon LED Display, the brand experience which is the most important goal of our custom solution. Polygon LED Display is only for permanent installation and indoor application.


Polygon LED Display



Customize everything for one-of-a-kind freeform LED display in all stages.


Freeform elements, Pixel pitch, shape, effects… Go for the freestyle!



Polygon LED Display


Limitless Varieties of Shapes.

There is no more word to define the shape of a freeform LED display. From the freeform elements to the outcome, as long as you dream it, you can have it by customization.




Permanent Installation

Polygon LED DisplayPolygon LED Display











Polygon LED Display




Unique Shape with Visual Impact.


Visual Impact

Incorporate freeform LED display into a stage with lights and music. It delivers dazzling lighting effects while harmonizing the lighting and going with music.
P5mm or custom pitch.





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