LED Poster Display

iPoster-2.5:  P2.5mm
Environment: Indoor

LED Poster Display has multiple mounting ways, side mounting, hanging, floor standing, etc. Install LED Poster Display in store, shopping mall, hall, bus station, your ads must be eye-catching. LED Poster Display is front serviceable, the magnetic module design saves your time and cost, easy for maintenance. Built-in media player allows for upload ads video or pictures via wifi or USB. LED Poster Display frame colors can be customized, multiple screen modes for choices, which means custom your brand identity. LED Poster Display also is known as advertising LED display screen, no one can deny that LED Poster Display is designed to be advertising industry new star, all is for help you to build unique and impressive brand experiences!


 35kg, 35mm

IPoster is super light and thin, allowing for trouble-free and space-saving installation.


LED Poster Display side-mounting, hanging, floor-standing

Multiple Mounting Options

IPoster can be easily mounted over wall horizontally and vertically, and be suspended, and be a free-standing display with its kickstand option.


LED Poster Display mounted over wall horizontally and vertically, and be suspended, and be a free-standing display with its kickstand option







Front Service LED Poster Display



Front Service

Magnetic screen modules are serviceable from the front, making on-site repair and maintenance time and labor efficient.




Self-contained media player LED Poster Display


Media Made Easy 

Self-contained media player. Upload contents via wifi or USB.






HD Quality, P2.5mm 

P2.5mm is the fine pitch that promotes your message and brand identity impeccably through any corporate, entertainment and hospitality environment.


Multiple screen modes

 LED Poster Display Stand-Alone  LED Poster Display Multi-Screen  LED Poster Display Wireless Multi-Screen
 Stand-Alone Multi-Screen

Wireless Multi-Screen

LED Poster Display Mirroring Mode  LED Poster Display Extended Mode
Mirroring Mode

Extended Mode



Frame Colors

The powder coated frame has different color options. You can even customize it to associate with your brand image and integrate with the design of your space.

customize LED Poster Display Frame Colors




To have a better look at the effects, please watch the video on our Youtube channel:you Tube



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