Custom LED solutions build impressive BRAND experiences!
  • Fine Pitch LED

    Fine Pitch LED (1)

    Fine Pitch LED making an immersive experience that would truly influence passerby to stop in your retail store with something showy and hypnotizing. With fierce competition among retail stores at a record-breaking high, there's never been a good time to consider a novel way to make your store sparkle. Fine Pitch LED Display gives your business a chance to convey your…
  • LED Advertising Display

    LED Advertising Display (3)

    LED Advertising Display offers owners limitless opportunities to expansion clients at full points of the customer behavior with one exquisite installation that amaze clients. More and more shopping malls are realized that it’s important to buy a LED screen for themselves, instead of following the advertising-led model of third party ownership, both in terms of appropriateness and authority. LED Advertising…
  • Custom LED Display

    Custom LED Display (9)

    Custom LED Display is produced on a project to project basis. We provide a series of customized freeform LED displays—LED ball, LED cube, LED pillar, LED square column and more freeform LED types. Captivate your views through unique and fantastic-looking LED displays. Custom LED Display DJ booth is popular for use in clubs. Whether it be a animal head, a…
  • Flexible LED Screen

    Flexible LED Screen (4)

    People-oriented, user-friendly, versatile...those are the words to describe the advantages of Flexible LED Screen. Generally, flexible types feature lightweight and thin design and excellent flexibility which delivers greater integration with the structure. To install the Flexible LED Screen is a breeze with lightweight and space saving design. No heavy cabinet desired. Front Serviceable. The control system is also centralized overhead when you…
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