intriguing 3D effect square shaped HD LED Video DJ Booth—Cube Box

3Cinno’s LED New Product Release Report: HD LED Video DJ Booth—Cube Box

3Cinno is proud to put out this innovative and revolutionary product: HD LED Video DJ Booth—Cube Box.

HD LED Video DJ Booth—Cube Box is designed as a video projection screen for music videos or live visuals, creating a high-end visual spectacle for the audience. It is composed of irregular square shaped LED modules, delivering clear and smooth effect by 40000 dots per square meter pixel density. Assemble and disassemble design for fast and convenient installation. It controlled by matrix software, achieved lighting and audio effect synchronously. HD LED Video DJ Booth—Cube Box unique 3D square shape absolutely adds WOW factor to your DJ entertainment for the evening.HD LED Video DJ Booth—Cube Box delivering clear and smooth effect

High brightness assured vivid and fantasy effect for playback graphics, abstract effects, scrolling texts, and videos. Fast and simple installation and humanized operating interface to ensure the user-friendly assembling and maintenance of the LED display system. Clear vivid image quality has been achieved by excellent seamless connection, high-density pixels and nice uniformity of light-emitting.

excellent seamless connection HD LED Video DJ Booth—Cube Box

These three dimensional modular LED screens fit together to create an intriguing 3D square shaped structures, that then map video footage to each individual panel to create stunning effects. Actual vision, video effects or patterns can be mapped onto the panels for spectacular, colorful display. Good heat dissipation capability and environmental-friendly and energy-saving.

HD LED Video DJ Booth—Cube Box create stunning effects

This eye-catching and stimulating lighting display are suitable for bars, disco, nightclub, game shows, awards ceremonies, MTV style music events and corporate applications, etc.

Multiple sizes for your choices:

HD LED Video DJ Booth—Cube Box size

* Size can be customized to meet your needs.


Pixel Pitch5.0mm
LED StandardSMD2121
Pixel Density40000 dots/m2
Brightness≥1200 cd/m2
Refresh Rate≥1200 HZ
Grey Level≥4096 level
Viewing Distance5 meters-50 meters
Drive Mode Constant1/16 scan
Max Power Consumption1000 w/m2
Average Power Consumption350 w/m2
Working VoltageAC220V/(110V)±15%; 47-63 Hz
Signal TransferLAN Cable
Control SystemComputer Control System
Screen Life100000 hours

eye-catching HD LED Video DJ Booth—Cube Box   intriguing 3D square shaped HD LED Video DJ Booth—Cube Box

3Cinno specialized in the innovation of customizable LED products and all-around excellent service for better serve customers’ needs.

To find out more about HD LED Video DJ Booth—Cube Box, watch the product video at 3Cinno.

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