LED Sphere display for shopping mall

3Cinno LED Display Project—LED Sphere For Shopping Mall

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LED Ball Display indoors in a subway station, airport, etc. LED Ball Display (also known as LED Sphere display, Globe LED display, or ball LED display), is a new design and creative type of LED screen product, which shapes as a ball, delivering a 360-degree view effect. Custom LED Ball Indoor presents image and video without any image distortion. A LED Sphere For Shopping Mall hanging indoors of a building attracts public attention immediately.

LED Sphere For Shopping Mall attracts public attention immediately

Why choose LED Sphere For Shopping Mall: lightweight, good wind resistance performance, easy and quick installation, outstanding heat dissipation performance, and convenient maintenance, great anti-seismic, economic installation platform, etc.

It is different from traditional LED displays and more attractive with its unique 360 degrees spherical appearance. It stands out of the crowd in all kinds of led displays owing to its unique design and it is an indispensable part of all kinds of hall and stages.

LED Sphere For Shopping Mall is a great choice for the large-size public places, like a shopping mall, museum hall, and airport, requiring a modern LED display to display images or videos.

unique 360 degrees spherical appearance LED Sphere For Shopping Mall



3Cinno specialized in the innovation of customizable LED products and all-around excellent service for better serve customers’ needs.

Innovative and professional LED supplier 3Cinno offers creative, inspirational and customizable LED products for LED production companies in all entertainment markets. We highlight customization in our integration service, sharing the same goal as yours: to make LED display and LED lighting special. Our LED display department and LED lighting department work together to serve you in high professional standard with a decade of experience in entertainment LED industry. Whatever the scope of your project could be, there is seamless support for you before, during and after a sale. Even if something goes wrong, it won’t last long.

For more information of 3Cinno LED display or lighting, visit 3Cinno at www.3Cinno.com.

The custom LED solution builds impressive BRAND experiences!

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