Small Pitch LED Display aging test video

3Cinno’s LED New Product Release Report: Small Pitch LED Display

3Cinno is proud to put out this innovative and revolutionary product: Small Pitch LED Display

Small Pitch LED Display has excellent video performance in events venue and the screen size with high brightness, color saturation, contrast ratio and wide color gamut, limitless displaying size, also has comfortable viewing angle for audiences.

Small Pitch LED Display delivers 4k video

Extraordinary seamless connection ability plus fine pixel pitch,  Small Pitch LED Display being the main force of display equipment in a conference room, command center, and studio. Also, 16:9 golden ratio of screen size can definitely bring the most comfortable viewing experience and can match different ratio videos.

Small Pitch LED Display delivers high definition image quality

LED display has been around for 20 years, evolving from monochrome to dual color to full-color display. With the rapid development of LED technology in recent years,  Small Pitch LED Display made its debut in the market.  Small Pitch LED Display adopted sophisticated technology and deft design brings high-quality content playback.

Small Pitch LED Display delivering an eye-catching large-scale viewing experience


3Cinno specialized in the innovation of customizable LED products and all-around excellent service for better serve customers’ needs.

Innovative and professional LED supplier 3Cinno offers creative, inspirational and customizable LED products for LED production companies in all entertainment markets. We highlight customization in our integration service, sharing the same goal as yours: to make LED display and LED lighting special. Our LED display department and LED lighting department work together to serve you in high professional standard with a decade of experience in entertainment LED industry. Whatever the scope of your project could be, there is seamless support for you before, during and after a sale. Even if something goes wrong, it won’t last long.

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