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3Cinno’s LED New Product Release Report: Small Pixel LED Screen

3Cinno is proud to put out this innovative and revolutionary product: Small Pixel LED Screen

Small Pixel LED Screen is designed for the indoor application, especially those occasions where the audience will be close to the display screen. What does pixel pitch mean? Pixel pitch is the distance from the center of an LED cluster (or pixel) to the center of the next LED cluster/pixel measured in millimeters. Pixel pitch typically ranges from 4mm up to 20mm (Small Pixel LED Screen is P1.2mm) for indoor LED displays; for outdoor displays, pixel pitch can range from 10mm to 34mm or higher.

great viewing experience Small Pixel LED Screen

Pixel pitch directly decided the display resolution and optimal viewing distance. The finer the pixel pitch, the more pixels needed to make up LED screen, thus improving the resolution and optimal viewing distance. That means, the finer the pixel pitch, the closer a viewer can stand to screen and still have a great viewing experience.

unmatched UHD video performance Small Pixel LED Screen

If viewing audience will be closer to the display screen, such as in a retail or conference environment, Small Pixel LED Screen can perfectly meet the requirement.

Small Pixel LED Screen aging test


3Cinno specialized in the innovation of customizable LED products and all-around excellent service for better serve customers’ needs.

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