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As one of lead LED display manufacturers located in Shenzhen, we have ISO-standard production lines and strict quality control.  But A long and detailed discussion is still necessary before the display idea is put into production, especially for a customized LED display solution. The important points will include:

  • freeform LED display design
  • shape and size of every individual display module
  • on-spot installation(Supporting frames and brackets)
  • cablings, ways to control …

Every detail is made sure so that our customers have a complete display solution based on a specific project.

As a top LED display factory, investing in automated production line equipment is a top priority for us.

The benefits are numerous – With the ability to handle high-volume production, automated machines such as SMT YAMAHA machines can significantly increase production capacity and reduce production time, ultimately saving time and money.

Additionally, automated equipment ensures consistent and accurate production quality, reducing errors and increasing overall product reliability.

led screen manufacturers in china
led screen manufacturers in china

With the implementation of automated production line equipment, we can meet the increasing demand for high-quality products while maintaining competitive prices.

By adopting advanced technology and investing in automated production line equipment, we can not only streamline production processes but also ensure customer satisfaction and gain a competitive edge in the market.

LED display modules will go through the aging test before assembly.

We use only high-quality materials and components in our products, and every module undergoes 48-72 hours of aging to ensure its stability and reliability.

led screen manufacturers in china

Display setting up is conducted at the highest professional level to ensure a real seamless connection.

led screen manufacturers in china

Every whole screen undergoes a 48-hour aging process to ensure its performance is up to our standards before it’s shipped to our customers.

Holding onto 3CINNO philosophy, you have a customized LED display solution that we offer on a project-to-project basis. From before-manufacturing talk to after-sale support, we personalize service for you, making sure you will never miss a thing.

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