Университет или колеж

LED display for University or College

Светодиодният дисплей за университет или колеж, направен от 3CINNO, служи като средство за визуална комуникация, което може да направи по-високо ниво на сътрудничество между студенти, преподаватели, служители и посетители.

The digital wall in higher educations facilities is often used to deliver kinds of information, that includes but not limited to activities, up-to-date weather information, meetings, television news, campus news, emergency messages, and social media feeds.

Besides as information display, what’s more, the main objectives of the led display deployment in Universities are to first, reinforce the progressive vision of the University to potential students; second,increase the event participation and reduce the redundant event-related questions; third, provide alert information in the emergencies; and fourth, reduce the cost, trash and cluster of printed placards.

The led display for University or College is to be the focal point, captivating, entertaining and participating numbers of students, teachers and visitors. But it needs to overcome several challenges and be capable of everyday usage.

Challenge to build led display for higher education (University or College)

In today’s rapidly evolving collegiate landscape, the institution is going to feature start-of-the-art led display technology for universities, etc. education facilities.

Unlike most large corporations, universities haven’t much flexibility for the long-term investments in technology. And they require strong adaptability and longevity for their purchase.

People easily get confused when it comes to picking a best choice between traditional LCD video wall, projection system, and the new LED display.

Besides needed to be bright enough even during the summers, The led display for University or College needs to blend in with the aesthetics of the campus building and not be overbearing.

In addition, the mounting frame for the large led video wall should be customized as there is no standard mounting pattern like LCD displays.

The led video wall tiles should be considered how to access for service easily. How to keep the content compelling and update them at any time need be also considered.

Solution to pick up the best led display for your university or college

By working seamlessly with tech consulting firm, architects and collaborative design firm,3CINNO is available to provide the best solution for the led display in the education facilities.

In order to be a focal point that could grab the attention of passersby even where flooded with natural light, and most effectively cultivate the interactivity, introducing the large-format led display into the design plan will be the best choice.

When the building is designed to allow an amount of natural light to go through large glass windows, led display will be the only choice for university, which could outshine the sun and adjust its brightness based on the levels of ambient light.

Fine pitch led display from P1.2mm to P2.5mm enables clear viewing up close and from big viewing angle. Needless to say, the normal led displays from indoor 3mm to 10mm and outdoor display from P4mm to P16mm both have the ability to be visible in large bright open spaces and self-adjust brightness based on the surrounding levels of ambient light.

To create a seamless experience, it’s really important to design a suitable mount structure and fix it well. Because even any single tile misaligned, it will influence the viewing experience as the viewers’ attention is drawn to the assembly defect and not the content on the led display.

A front-service led display is preferred for many places, and for rear service led displays, to custom build a solution to hold rear-access led tiles is needed. All aim to create a completely seamless experience and make the serviceability easy for the led display in universities

Universities traditionally deliver classes, events, activities, and presentations on specific locations and scheduled times. Data integration available with other content management systems allows the universities to deliver up-to-date information to any corner of campus.

Students feel more engaged when it’s able to express their opinions publicly not only on social media but also on public displays. It is most apparent in dining halls where feedback from students on food posted on the public led displays.

LED display for university placed in high-traffic areas effectively target a larger audience. And posters and placards can be completely replaced with the led walls in the public venues, buildings, stadiums, and the campus area.

Once LED display for a university is selected, it will be the centerpiece. The display can be used for sorts of events in the school, streaming live games, hosting events or presentations and displaying graphics, etc. It will be a mainstay for the building, although it wasn’t part of the original architectural concept.

The scope and effectiveness of the led display can help the university increase its ranking and spread its reputation.

3CINNO custom service

Като производител на LED дисплеи, базиран на персонализирани решения, ето какво можете да очаквате от 3CINNO.


Ние сме посветени на разработването на персонализирани решения за led рекламни дисплеи за всеки клиент, работейки с дизайнери, архитекти и инженери, за да интегрираме уникален led дисплей в средата на вашите търговски центрове.


Нашите персонализирани решения за светодиодни екрани за молове са за създаване на незабравими изживявания, които привличат минувачите, увеличават трафика, ангажират клиентите и накрая стимулират приходите и укрепват вашите марки.


Our led advertising display is going to be very simple to let the end users easy operate and maintain. The customers can instantly monitor the screen status, and update the marketing contents by just running a simple software on a computer.


3CINNO може да предложи разнообразие от светодиодни рекламни дисплеи с всякакъв размер, стъпка на пиксела и форма, без значение дали ще създаде привлекателна привлекателност, насочена към импулсивни купувачи наблизо или просто ще привлече потенциални клиенти.


Ние предлагаме 24/7 техническа поддръжка, навременно и професионално обслужване, както и ръководство за инсталиране на място и безплатно обучение.

Производител на LED дисплеи, базиран на персонализирани решения, като един от специалните китайски доставчици на LED дисплеи, предоставя стабилни и креативни продукти, навременно и професионално обслужване като нашите водещи в индустрията технологии за LED екрани и интегрирани LED решения. Стремейки се да бъде съвършенство, за да отговори на вашите стандарти и специални изисквания, 3CINNO предоставя единствен по рода си дизайн за вашия наем и фиксирана инсталация, включително магазини, събития и обиколки и т.н. чрез нашата наградена линия от LED видео стени и LED видео екрани. Работейки с инженери, дизайнери, архитекти и консултанти, 3CINNO има желание и гордост да разработи персонализирани LED решения за всеки клиент, като същевременно предоставя първокласна услуга за поддръжка на клиенти, независимо колко малък е LED дисплеят. За повече подробности относно пълната линия 3CINNO LED видео екрани и видео стени, моля посетете 3CINNO на led-display-manufacturer.com, намери ни на Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube, or get us through direct Email, inquiry@3cinno.com.

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