Cone Shape Creative Screen in Resort Theme Park

Area: The upper diameter is 27 meters, the lower diameter is 8 meters, and the total area is about 680 square meters.
Pitch: Indoor P4
Shape: The screen is cone shape, but not a standard geometric cone. It is also like a huge horn.

Cone shape creative led screen in resort

It is not only curved up and down, but also curved on the left and right.

Cone shape led display

For the structure of this big irregular display, designers considered the main load-bearing structure first, and then the structure of the external cabinets, power supplies, and modules. Design principles need to combine both gravity and aesthetics.

Creative led display structure
Creative led screen cone shape

To make this creative shape, many LED screen module needs to be customized. The cone shape screen is finally combined with conventional display modules and more than 30 kinds of special-shaped modules.

Working with the master controller, sub-control systems, the creative display showed stunning remarkable visual effects.

Irregular curved led screen structure

The 3D display content was customized to fit for the shape too.

Customized video contents for the creative shape led screen
Cone shape creative led screen in resort theme park

Nanjing Dragon Valley Amusement Park is a theme park based on “Dragon Culture”, with a total investment of more than 8.8 billion.

The creative LED cone screen (tree-shaped horn screen) is located in the entrance of ​​Dragon Valley Complex. The design of the creative screen combines Chinese architecture and dragon culture. It makes the visitors feel a strong theme atmosphere as soon as they enter the venue, which leads tourists to open the door of time and space, and embark on a “Finding dragon journey”.

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