Commercial Street Indoor HD LED Display

This magnificent P2.5 indoor small-pitch LED display project is located in a commercial street in South Korea

LED displays are installed on both sides of the main road.

Due to the large number of people and commercial activities, installing LED displays here has a greater return on investment.

LED screens are mainly used to promote products or services.

In addition to advertising, high-definition pictures can also create a unique immersive virtual environment, allowing people to stay longer and willing to express their unique experiences on social media.

The content of the two display screens can be managed through a computer. It can play continuous images, or independent content in different areas.

P2.5 small pitch
Seamless curved screen
Energy-saving, average power: 100W/m²,
Front service
Uniform color
High contrast
4K HD picture quality
Anti-blue light, protect eyes and prevent visual fatigue

If you want to learn more about how to customize a LED display for your business environment, please contact us.

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