Storefront LED Display for DIOR

LED display faces street in Dior store
Dior street-front led display
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The location of the Dior cosmetics store is very good. It is at the entrance of a luxury shopping center. The 50 square meter store has two glass walls facing two sides.

The glass wall is almost the mainstream design of various flagship stores like the Apple store. It not only gives a sense of bigger space, but also enables potential customers inside to observe the external situation at any time, while passers-by can easily see the situation inside the store. This is an important visual interaction function for retail stores.

Hence, this indoor environment brings great convenience to the construction of LED screens. It installs two screens. One long and narrow indoor screen is installed on the wall, while the other is installed on a standing decorative wall facing the street. They both play high definition compelling promotion videos.

Here, we will focus on the street-facing screen, which has a high resolution of P3 and uses bright outdoor LED lights, which can be viewed during the day and automatically adjust the brightness according to the ambient light.

The screen makes good use of the store location and shows a good example of how to build a retail screen.

If you want to learn more about how to pick up a LED display in your retail store, please contact us.

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