Creative led column display is a weapon to build the brand!

“Creativity” is a secret “weapon” for many brand businesses to succeed.

Actually, it is not uncommon to see successful irregular led screen cases in recent years such as the “900 North Michigan Shops” in Chicago and the “8K LED Lifting Stage” on the Spring Festival Gala.

At the moment when the product homogeneity is serious, major exhibition halls, events, real estate, and other major merchants have worked hard to “eye-catching”.

The key question to success is how to attract people’s attention. The longer they stay on the product, the chance that users are willing to talk or buy will greatly increase…

led creative column display - led tree screen

This creative led display project is located in a domestic cultural tourism exhibition hall.

LED creative column screen, composed of different layers of LED modules, beyond people’s understanding of ordinary LED displays.

The entire column body is composed of three sides A, B, and C, and a number of raised rectangular squares.

It is like a tree.

The entire display surface extends from the “root” to the “trunk”, and to the end of the “treetop”.

The height of the “tree” is 3.2 meters, and the total length of the three sides is nearly 9 meters.

The video contents playing on the whole column screen are the historical sites and the beautiful scenery of nature.

There are “world view of Norwegian Rofeton”, “San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge”, “Hangzhou West Lake” and so on.

This unique shape led display also brings a 3D visual perception to people.

The brand has been more deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Meantime, it carried more fun and a remarkable memory for people to enjoy.

Other shape led column display

creative led column display
led column screen
led column screen in club
led column display

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