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frees creativity and sparks inspiration led mesh screen Flexible LED screen was undoubtedly the game changer after it was first introduced to LED industry. It is incredible to see how it frees creativity and sparks inspiration. The way we see it is that LED fixture featuring unmatched flexibility is the sweet spot where LED lighting and display merges. Nowadays, people are utilizing creative LED screens in a wide range of applications from a small-scale event to a large-format show stage. Among limitless variations in the category, led mesh screen is one of the winners. Since many customers are keen to know about led mesh screen and use it for creative design, in this blog, we are going to introduce it in a more detailed way to give you a better idea of its full potential.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the basic details of led mesh screen. The most used dot version features:

>6 or 8 LEDs per dot.
>Twist-off round cap (clear flat and milky dome)
>Spacing between dots: 35/40/55/80/110/160mm or custom spacing (Minimal 35mm dot spacing on center)
> IP67 rated, cold-resistant (-35℃)

It comes in flexible strings that allow for either square type of mesh screen configuration or freeform display setup.

To set up mesh screen

To build mesh using led mesh screen, you will have to use the exclusively designed custom mesh frame. exclusively designed led mesh screen   Available pixel pitches of the frame are in accordance with the existing dot spacing options. Spreading over the frame are the holders or brackets for each dot to snap into.

A mesh consists of individual panels. The panel alignment is quickly done by magnet system. To further secure panel connection, steel rope is necessary. It makes sure the panel will not weight down when all panels stack.

led mesh screen making storage and transportation a breeze









The frame is also flexible so that you can wrap it up with the dot strings, making storage and transportation a breeze. More importantly, with flexible mesh frame, you can also have the mesh wrap around columns and attach to arch, wave and more other curved structure.

led mesh screen wrap around columns and attach to arch, wave and more other curved structure


To build 3D screen

creative screen setup led mesh screen

A variant of mesh frame will be able to mount dot strings back to back for a very creative screen setup: the 3D screen.

double-sided dot led mesh screen



Frame for 3D screen configuration features double-sided dot holders or brackets spreading over a single frame line. The holder joins two dots in two separate strings back to back.

The most common way to set up 3D screen is to hang the double-sided strings in a matrix. Upload the animations and 3D visuals to the screen and you will have mind-blowing effects that would not be achieved without the high transparency rate and creative 3D configuration.


3D visuals led mesh screen



If you are looking to create a mesh over building façade, led mesh screen is the solution that is flexible in every aspect.

With unmatched flexibility, led mesh screen is able to eliminate the damages to the original architectural structure as much as possible by being “responsive”. Customize the string length and orient mesh to go with the design of the surface it attaches to.

It is more lightweight compared to the conventional LED screen, making deployment both time and labor efficient.

unmatched flexibility led mesh screen


Control System

The control box for mesh screen features integrated power and data source. The control boxes will be placed together for centralized management to the entire mesh.

The control box for led mesh screen features integrated power and data source

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