How to make a Glasses-free 3D LED Display?

The Glasses-free 3D LED display allows people to watch the large 3D LED screen without wearing glasses. This is a new type of LED screen. Compared with the traditional LED screen, more differences come from the realistic 3D visual experience. The customized 3D video perfectly integrates the LED display into your building. It breaks through the functional limitation of only using the LED display for advertising. Instead, it helps build a new public multimedia space.

Glasses-free 3D LED display makes your building popular.

The 3D glassesless screens, by displaying realistic 3D high-definition videos, attracted a lot of people to watch, and people proactively shared it on social platforms. That brought more widespread dissemination on the Internet, which in turn led to more and more people come to watch.

For example, South Korea’s SM TOWN’s 3D wave screen is well known as a glasses-free 3D LED display. It has become an outstanding case of LED display application in 2020 and has been widely spread.

Glasses-free 3D LED Display

Gradually, some well-known building owners and famous companies began to cooperate with other good LED display manufacturers to customize the 3D glassesless LED displays.

They created successful cases such as the spaceship in Taikoo Li Chengdu and the Kaisa City Plaza in Guangzhou.

In these cases, the curved glasses-free LED screens not only promote the enterprise brand, but also form a landmark building.

How to make a glasses-free 3D LED display?

Principle of 3D Display

Below, let’s briefly introduce its principle.

As we all know, our human brain is an extremely complex nervous system. And everything the human eye sees is actually three-dimensional.

What a person’s two eyes see are actually two tiny different pictures. And this subtle difference is achieved due to the small distance between the two eyeballs of a person.

This subtle difference allows the brain to calculate the spatial coordinates between objects. We can also feel the distance and size of objects, which is the sense of 3D space.

The ordinary 3D display uses this principle of different images in the left and right eyes. For example, in a 3D movie, the content of the viewer’s left and right eyes is separated by glasses.

In this way, the two glasses can obtain the images of the left eye and the right eye respectively, and then present 3D image in the brain.

3D Movie

Main Factors to Make a Sucessful Glasses-free 3D LED Display

How to make a 2D image produce a 3D effect?

1, Reference Object

One key is to make good use of the reference object.

The screen constructs a 3D effect with the help of the distance, size, shadow, and perspective relationship of the reference object.

Just like below sketch, painters can use pencils to draw 3D images on paper.

Below, we divide the ordinary picture into several layers by white lines, and then enable the animation part to “break through” the white lines, covering other elements of the layer, and then using the parallax of the eyes to form a 3D illusion.

The reference object in the sketch is the white lines.

The 3D wave screen of the SM building uses the shadow of the background as a static 3D reference line, so that the moving waves have a feeling of breaking through the screen.

2, Curved LED Screen

This is not enough.

Have you discovered that the recent popular 3D screens are all angled curved screens composed of two faces?

That is to say, they use the two walls at the corners.

The display screen folds 90°, using video materials that conform to the perspective principle. The left screen displays the left view of the image, and the right screen displays the main view of the image.

When people stand in front of the corner, they can see the side and front of the object at the same time, showing a realistic 3D effect.

The following is a simplified animation of 3D ocean waves to show you the principle.

3, Specially-made 3D Video Contents

The most important factor to create glasses-free 3D led screen is the 3D video content.

Do you know how important video material is to create a 3D display?

Even a flat LED display screen, it can produce a good 3D effect with the right content.

Please refer to the following video. You can also feel the 3D visual effect on this very common flat outdoor led display.

This is an indoor L-shaped 3D display. It made a stunning appearance at the exhibition, attracting many audiences to stop and watch with its vivid naked-eye 3D visual effects, brilliant colors, realistic pictures, and immersive naked-eye 3D experience.

Cast study

Here is the outdoor naked eye 3D led display solution.

Here is another big case with a cluster of indoor LED screens creating a 3D scene in a big public space.

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