Indoor LED Display for Huawei Store

Wall-mounted fine pitch LED display in the hall

Huawei store fine pitch indoor led display
Huawei store fine pitch indoor led screen
Small pitch led screen diodes

Double-sided LED display, facing inside and outside

Street front led display

Huawei’s first flagship store in the world is a three-story building with a full glass surface design.

It was created by the French design team of Saguez & Partners. They also designed the Paris Airport.

The building is inspired by the traditional Chinese concept of “Round Sky and Square Earth”. The large area of ​​glass design easily brings a lot of natural light, and the store integrated into the high-end commercial district very well.

The first floor of the flagship store is an immersive experience area, which is used to give customers to see the latest mobile phones and laptops.

The second floor is a comprehensive after-sales service area. After purchasing the products, you can sit here comfortably and get more careful guidance and technical support from the staff.

Connecting to the second floor on the first floor is a lecture hall.

The LED display screen is mainly installed in two positions. One is on the wall of the experience hall on the first floor, which is mainly used to play high-definition and compelling videos. Because the viewing distance is very close, it uses a small pitch of P1.2mm screen, 2.4m x 1.6875m.

The second place is the double-sided screen on the side of the doorway, one facing the outdoors and the other facing the lecture hall.

This is a very smart design. The screen facing the outside can play bright advertisements to attract customers, while the screen facing the inside is considered as a huge blackboard used for learning in the lecture hall. The invited photographer provides some photography skills and the Huawei technician can also give product knowledge.

Although installed indoors, the screen facing the outside uses a bright light source to make it clear enough during the day. At the same time, it uses automatic brightness adjustment technology for viewing at night. Or else it is too glaring in the night.

We know that visual experience is becoming more and more important in a commercial zone. As a professional display manufacturer, 3CINNO is always devoted to providing customers the best advice and product.

If you wanna pick up a large-format screen for your brand store, pls don’t hesitate to contact us for advice from our engineer.

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