All In One LED Screen

The MacWall is the new generation all-in-one led screen that was born for medium and big space conference rooms widely used for businesses, hotels, education, and hospitals.

  • MacWall-2K-108″
  • MacWall-2K-135″
  • MacWall-4K-135″
  • MacWall-2K-162″
  • MacWall-4K-162″
  • MacWall-2K-216″
  • MacWall-4K-216″

The MacWall
All-in-one LED Screen

Unparalleled Performance for Meeting Room

The MacWall is the new generation all-in-one led screen that was born for medium and big space conference rooms widely used for businesses, hotels, education, and hospitals.

It integrated the premium functionalities of smart TVs and unique characteristics of a fine pitch direct-viewing led screen.  With a high refresh rate, high contrast, broad color performance, and dynamic picture quality, it creates excellent visual experiences that any other type of TV can’t compete with.

Highly integration

MacWall is the all-in-one led screen that highly integrates the UHD fine pitch direct-viewing led display, Android system, Speaker, WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, Audio, etc.

On one screen, it has all the functions of large-format TV, whiteboard, and projection screen. It can also connect with other professional AV devices to expand its application.

Bezel-free Direct-View LED Wall

Unlike LCDs, direct-view LED screens can be assembled into any size screens without any bezel.

As a new type of LED display for conferences, MacWall is an already assembled display. Not only itself has not gap, several MacWalls can also form a larger bezel-free display.

Wireless projection

MacWall supports wireless projection. Interaction and sharing are very easy and convenient.

It can quickly realize wireless interconnection with personal devices such as mobile phones, computers and iPads. Personal equipment can directly control the large screen, and perform document presentation, writing, and annotation.

Interactive writing

You can write comments and label them in your notebook, and MacWall will display what you wrote at the same time. This interactive writing greatly improves meeting efficiency and promotes teamwork.

Video conferencing

Equipped with a high-definition camera, an all-in-one LED screen with built-in surround sound supports multi-party video conferencing.

People from different places can freely participate in the same meeting via mobile phone or PC.

18bit+ color processing and HDR option

The internal LED screen system is NovaStar professional conference control system. It brings bright colors, subtle details and extremely high gray levels!

By working with A8/A10 receiving card, MacWall provides HDR option.

Android operation system, Powerful CPU and GPU

Thanks to its universal Android Operation System,  the MacWall supports any Android-based App or APK installation.

The system card adopted powerful Cortex-A72 CPU and Mali T820 GPU.

Optional installation method: wall-mounted/suspended

The free-standing is the standard installation way.

With the wheels at the bottom, you can easily move the MacWall and adjust the viewing direction.

MacWall also provides other installation methods, installed on the wall or suspended from the ceiling. Customers can choose the suitable way according to different installation environment.

 The support feet can be customized according to your request.

Modular design, each unit is only 22.5mm thick

Each all-in-one LED screen is composed of some 600:337.5mm lightweight die-cast aluminum cabinets with the aspect ratio of 16:9.

The die-casting cabinet was made with very high precision to ensure an ultra-flat and seamless surface.

Moreover, the cabinet is ultra-thin, only 22.5mm thick.

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