Custom LED Screens at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

cloud-shaped Custom LED Screens As one of the busiest airports in China and the 19th busiest worldwide in terms of cargo traffic, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is known to people with the catchy name Baiyun, “white cloud” in Chinese, referring to a mountain nearby.

In the subway station lobby at the first floor of Baiyun airport underground, three units of eye-catching Custom LED Screens shaped into the cloud are mounted over a wall as a dynamic digital platform for messages about the airport and city to welcome, inform and entertain passengers.

Custom LED Screens strongly reinforcing the brand image

The cloud-shaped Custom LED Screens constantly remind people of the name and identity of Baiyun airport. They are strongly reinforcing the brand image not only by the unique shape of the screen, the effectiveness of Custom LED Screens in keeping the contents fresh and up-to-date also plays a key role.

Each cloud screen consists of two major parts: body part made out of regular pitch 3mm LED modules and the curve outline configured with around 170 custom-made P3 48mmx48mm (1.89”x1.89”) modules, only one fourth of the size of its ordinary counterparts, making it a great advantage to flexibly build the curve for cloud screen.

Custom LED Screens installed at Baiyun airport is a success in terms of the innovative cloud shape idea that further brought out modules tailored to realize the design. The creative shape is not only smartly associated with the airport’s name to enhance the brand image, the ever-changing contents are also delivered in HD quality.

Every brand has a uniqueness and tries to distinguish itself from others. Customization is an effective way to help you with your individuality by realizing your custom design unlike any other.

Custom LED Screens size












Product Takeaway

Custom module size: 48mmx48mm(1.89”x1.89”)

Pixel pitch: 3mm

Module Resolution: 16 x 16 pixels

Serviceability: Front, magnetic modules

Control software: Mooncell

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