Custom Size Front Serviceable LED Screen Case Study

Front Serviceable LED Screen making maintenance easy and quickFront Serviceable LED Screen is common for rental or fixed display in favor of efficient maintenance and repair without removing the entire led screen cabinet. Front service is also necessary when there is a limited space at the site not allowing you to reach the screen from the back.


Front Serviceable LED Screen is installed in a hotel in Dubai with the custom size of 3.07m*1.92m. Screens are fixed seamlessly on the wall. It features a cabinet with the screen lid opening from the front, making maintenance easy and quick in the limited installation space. When you open the front screen side, it stands on the hydraulic rods fixed in between.

With 4mm pixel pitch, Front Serviceable LED Screen engages viewer coming for activities in the open air with vivid and high definition video contents.Front Serviceable LED Screen engages viewer coming for activities

Product Takeaway

Pixel Pitch: P4mm

Display Size: 3.072m*1.92m

Cabinet Size: 0.768m*1.92m

Power supply: Meanwell

Control system: Nova + MBI chip

Maintenance: Front Service



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