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If you are looking to import LED screen or lighting products from China, you might want to set your foot in set your foot in Shenzhen, the capital of the world’s electronics manufacturing, and have a look at the great variety of screen products.

It can be hard and tricky to find the one that perfectly fit. Suppliers know clearly about that. Many manufacturers based in Shenzhen offer OEM and ODM service. We call it Customization Service in general. But OEM and ODM cannot be used interchangeably. OEM involves buyer’s unique product design and supplier taking care of the production and assembly. ODM products are suppliers’ own design which allows for certain modification or transformation according to customers’ specific needs.

In LED industry, we specialize mainly in entertainment and architainment markets. Up to now, we have worked with many lighting designers, production managers, architects, etc. Pretty often, they asked for customization, especially the modification of the standard product templates. creative design Customization Service LED Display Customization Service Some other time, creative designers will come up with a brand new product concept to fit their creative design. We once helped our customers with Customization Service that no other existing products could replace. From PCB designs to the materials, every detail was customers’ idea. We took part in the process to make it real by utilizing our facilities and components and material supply chain. Although the cost needed for such OEM can be high and the production process can be painstaking, but the final effect and one-of-the-kind design would let you think it was worth all the trouble.

screen products Customization Service Apart from the OEM, sometimes a small change could make a difference. Let’s take a look at the one of our Customization Service. Our customer was looking for screen products applicable to a brand retail store chain. To suit the need for the store design, he had the screen modified. Firstly, the screen model sizes were customized to put together the ideal screen size for the store. Second, the screen cabinet was designed without the cabinet door. It looked more like a semi-product but it ensured a thin and lightweight cabinet which the customers looked for. The wall they fixed the screen would let the back of the screens hidden, so the product would not look as semi-produced. Such modification was simple and easy, the most important, it fits perfectly for the retail store while saving the cost for customers who were looking to buy such items in bulk for the brand retail chain. LED Screen Customization Service










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