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Customized Irregular LED Product (Part 1)

Last week, 3Cinno R&D team was busy with Customized Irregular LED Product as soon as we received 2D drawings from a customer.


Preliminary Plan—Flexible Mesh

Customized Irregular LED Product Structure Model Our goal is to use Customized Irregular LED Product to cover that irregular building(P1-Structure Model).

At first, we suggest our customer to use flexible mesh to attach the building surface and sent them a 3D model to show our expectation of effect. They said flexible mesh is a little bit expensive for them and out of their budget, so we think of a new plan as soon as possible.

Improvement Scheme—Curtain Light Panel

Customized Irregular LED Product Considering that our customer asked for the whole transform of the same color, we decided to choose the high quality but low price Curtain Light Panel. They were very well embraced our advice after they received our sample.


The surface of that building is irregular and rugged, so we did spend a lot of time on the confirmation of the curtain size and installation method.

We decided to fix curtain light panel (1sqm/pcs ) on the wood structure by screw mounting through the holes in each corner of the panel. We had noticed that the seam does exist between panels, so we expand the size of each curtain panel for seamless connection.

For seamless connection, we specially told product department that every two panels seam can not over curtain’s pitch(P50).

Customized Irregular LED Product 3D Product Modeling

seamless connection Customized Irregular LED Product



Ideal effect of seamless connection.


We planned to make a 3D Product Modeling for a test. Finally, we decided to separate about 110/sqm curtain(P50) to few big parts to produce and install for ideal effect.




3Cinno R&D Team:

Customized Irregular LED Product Teamworking

We were staying up late to make 3D product model, and the next day continuing…


3D Product Model:

Customized Irregular LED Product 3D Product Model



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