Immersive 3D LED display

LED Displays Built Immersive 3D Visual Environment!

The immersive LED display with a total area of 1275 square meters attracted many people to stop and watch. People couldn’t help taking out their mobile phones to take pictures and share them on social platforms.

It is hard to imagine that a 3D scene with “heavy waves” surging in the ocean can be created in an indoor space. But this is true.

As soon as you walk into the central hall, you will see the U-shaped screen and the large screens on both sides. So that the passing audience can feel the waves coming from any angle, as if roaming in the sea.

The largest whole screen is 113 meters long, covering the entire floor, and the door span reaches 16 meters, bringing huge visual impact. The 700-square-meter giant screen in the West Hall covers the entire wall. Plus 8 large pillars that are completely wrapped by LED displays on all sides.

Whether it’s the waves coming to your face or the bubbling gold, it gives people an immersive experience in the sea.

In fact, it is a huge challenge to build an immersive LED display screen where the space environment is inconsistent.

First of all, the huge screen requires the display to have excellent flatness, super stability, and excellent image quality, especially for displaying 3D content, which requires a very realistic picture.

Second, in the actual installation process, many appropriate adjustments need to be made.

For example, in order to enhance the overall visual effect, it is necessary to install an LED display on the fire hydrant door. After many tests, it is finally ensured that the fire door not only meets the fire protection standard, but also the screens are seamlessly spliced without affecting the display effect.

The role of immersive LED display

Whether it is a commercial center, a museum, or an exhibition center space, please don’t think about just building an LED advertising wall. Instead, you need to design different areas and shapes of LED displays, install them in different locations, and control them in a unified manner, so that they can play high-definition creative video content to create a new immersive experience.

This different visual landscape breaks through the public’s perception of space and changes the interaction mode between people and public space. It can make people unforgettable, and people quickly share it through social media, thus spreading virally in the online world.

It can not only improve people’s experience, but also become a marketing platform because it can greatly expose products
Brand concept or product information, which brings huge commercial value.

The immersive LED large screen can achieve a comprehensive upgrade of public space. It is not just a static landmark, nor is it just broadcasting advertisements and information. It becomes a carrier of architectural aesthetics, a stage for cultural and artistic expression, and a showcase for consumerism. And eventually, the place developed into a city card.

The best display to build an immersive environment

Not all LED displays are suitable for creating immersive video environments. In addition to the requirements for image quality and size, the LED display must be easily integrated with the building surface.

XTile Ultrathin LED screen is very suitable for this kind of demanding installation due to its ultra-thin, high brightness, color uniformity and flexibility.

It can be completely front-mounted and front-maintained, the thickness is only 19mm, and the weight of each panel is less than 2kg.

The power supply, controller and display are separated layout, and the entire display is powered by low voltage, not afraid of touching, which not only guarantees the safety of passing people, but also allows end-users to easily manage and maintain each key component, such as when to replace the controller And power supply, no need to remove the display.

Wall-mounted ultra-thin led display
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