Commercial Street Indoor HD LED-Anzeige

This magnificent P2.5 indoor small-pitch LED display project is located in a commercial street in South Korea

LED displays are installed on both sides of the main road.

Aufgrund der großen Anzahl an Menschen und kommerziellen Aktivitäten bietet die Installation von LED-Anzeigen hier eine höhere Kapitalrendite.

LED screens are mainly used to promote products or services.

In addition to advertising, high-definition pictures can also create a unique immersive virtual environment, allowing people to stay longer and willing to express their unique experiences on social media.

The content of the two display screens can be managed through a computer. It can play continuous images, or independent content in different areas.

P2.5 small pitch
Seamless curved screen
Energy-saving, average power: 100W/m²,
Uniform color
High contrast
4K HD picture quality
Anti-blue light, protect eyes and prevent visual fatigue

If you want to learn more about how to customize a LED display for your business environment, please kontaktiere uns.

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