Flexibles LED-Modul (P3-P6)

FM-i3.1H:  P3.1mm

FM-i3.9H: P3.9mm

FM-i4.8H: P4.8mm

FM-i6.2H: P6.25mm

Environment: Indoor

Flexible LED Module is high-end technology innovative design, saving cost and widely applicable for a circular shape, pillar shape, and other irregular shapes. It can make any curved surface, suitable for artistic modeling, personalized stage design, exhibition hall, indoor meeting room, etc. Flexible LED Module comes with modular design, magnetic design, more reliable, stable and convenient front maintenance. High gray level, high refresh rate, without image delay, ghosting phenomenon. Flexible LED Module is one of the innovative ultra-slim products. It completely breaks out of the traditional heavy cabinet and can be used in any complex installation environment. Flexible LED Module’s flexibility allows for bending in any way. It can create a curve, 360°circular or any other shapes that the designer can imagine.

Für Ihre individuelle Lösung

Up to 30° Concave and Convex flexible led module Flexible LED Module is more capable of a customized creative design than a conventional item.With good flexibility, it can be curved and make interesting forms for your custom solutions.  flexible led panel

±30° Concave & Convex


Up to 30° Concave and Convex


flexible led module can be curved and make interesting forms for your custom solutions     customized creative design flexible led module




Standard Module Size is applied to all models –P3.1/P3.9/P4.8/P6.25.

It comes handy when you assemble a display of regular size.


Es ermöglicht einfache Reparaturen vor Ort, ohne dass die gesamte Rückseite einer Fliese entfernt werden muss. Dies ist äußerst praktisch, wenn das Display an einem engen Ort installiert wird, an dem nicht genügend Platz für die Wartung nach hinten vorhanden ist.

Front service flexible led module

flexible led module Magnetic Modular Design





Magnetisches modulares Design

It lets you quickly install and dismantle the display.





 29.65mm (thickest part)                                                                     13.57mm (thinnest part)                                            

flexible led module 29.65mm (thickest part)            flexible led module 13.57mm (thinnest part)




P3.1/P3.9  for Flexible LED Module



flexibles LED-Modul Nahtlose Verbindung


Nahtlose Verbindung

Das präzise Modul verbindet sich nahtlos mit dem reibungslosen Seherlebnis.



flexibles LED-Modul Schwarze Antireflexions-SMD-Maske




Schwarze Antireflexions-SMD-Maske

Ensures high contrast and deliver uncompromising performance.




Nützliche Details 

Pixelabstand (mm) P3.1 P3.9 P4.8 P6.25
Light source Black 1010 Black 2020 Black 2020 3528
Helligkeit (cd/㎡) 1000 1000 1000 1500
Pixel pro Modul 80×40 64×32 52×26 40×20
Betrachtungswinkel (H/V) 140°/140°
Farbtiefe 16 Bit
Aktualisierungsrate 800/2000HZ


Berechnung des Stromverbrauchs

DC-5V 30W                                ROHS                  CE



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