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Retail & Shopping Centers

LED displays help get more traffic and convert the potential prospects into buying

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Events &

On every modern stage,you'll find that the giant LED screen made by China created the unforgotten atmosphere !

Fine Pitch LED Display for Retail

Business & Public & Hospitality

Fine pitch LED screen,LED mesh and LED advertising display all become the important part to promote your business!

Retail & Shopping Centers

There’s never been a better time to use LED display to shine your company brand among the all-time-high competition retail and hospitality industry. 3CINNO LED advertising screens provided a big opportunity to communicate the brand message in a visual and unique way. The LED display engaged and captivated the target audience of the clients’ business.

To keep the audience engaged and informed easily, 3CINNO leading led display technology let you update your digital advertising, new product launching and season promotion easily by WIFI, USB, or just an internet connection. We helped clients keep up the fast-paced developing retail and hospitality industries.

Events & Entertainment

Years of experience have given us a thorough understanding of the non-stop developing entertainment industry. Our led displays served kinds of live event scenarios such as concerts, musical events, trade show, corporate events and meetings, as well as live television broadcasting.

3CINNO provided endless creative led display solutions for all of different needs. It helped our clients to take the live event production to the next level. From start to finish or jump in any production design process, our top quality LED display and 24/7 timely service made sure clients’ event unique, engaging, and unforgettable for those audience in the live production.

Entertainment & Business

3CINNO’s creative custom LED display solutions redefined the appearance of any building or structure. It astonished the eyes! You know that it is essential in today’s modern world to create stunning and iconic structures beyond all the imagination. It departed much from standard and traditional mindsets by adopting unique architectural design.

Our custom led displays included foldable led display,flexible led mesh,curved led modules,etc. They are capable of transforming any indoor or outdoor architecture surface such as glass facades,corners, floors, angles, ceilings, domes, and more, into a dynamic video wall. Our led display solutions created unparalleled experiences. It kindled the imagination and motivated lasting impressions for years to come.

3CINNO manufactured rugged and IP65~67 dynamic outdoor LED displays.  That displays allowed clients to reach their audience with ease, even in adverse weather climates and conditions.  There is no two video display needs alike. But no matter the size or shape, with our extensive experience working with all kinds of clients, we added LED displays(led screens) seamlessly into your vision.  We cared everything from initial vision to finished installation.

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