Ultrathin Indoor LED Display (XTile Series)

Ultrathin indoor LED display XTile series is only 19mm in thickness, that can be installed in extremely limited space. Safest design with remote power. Front service. Easy set-up!

  • XTile-1.8: P1.875mm, 800 Nits
  • XTile-2.0: P2mm, 800 Nits
  • XTile-2.5: P2.5mm, 800 Nits
  • XTile-2.8: P2.88mm, 800 Nits
  • XTile-3.1: P3.125mm, 1000 Nits
  • XTile-3.1H: P3.125mm, 4500 Nits
  • XTile-3.7: P3.75mm, 1000 Nits
  • XTile-3.7H: P3.75mm, 4500 Nits;

Environment: Indoor

3CINNO XTile series LED displays bring high-resolution images into a variety of indoor applications where image quality matters: from retail flagship stores to churches, high-end hotels to exhibition centers, and broadcast studio to control rooms. By providing precise colors and stunning image quality, they can create a superior visual experience, an unforgettable space, and remain unchanged over time.



Ultra-slim design, 19mm (3/4") thickness

The ultra-thin body is designed for installation environments with limited space. It is very suitable for wall-mounted installation with no space on the back. Because it is very lightweight, only a few mounting screws are required. Therefore, even non-professionals can easily operate, which makes the installation of the screen like DIY IKEA furniture.


16:9 screen

The aspect ratio of each block is 8:9 (300*337.5mm). Therefore, the 16:9 display screen can be assembled directly. In this way, the video content in the most common formats can be fully displayed without editing operations such as zooming or cutting.



Non-damage installation to the environment

During the fixed installation process, only a few fixing screws are required for the top and bottom installation beams. Whether in a retail store or an exhibition center, the installation wall will not be damaged. No need for refurbishment and maintenance, thereby saving additional decoration costs and protecting the environment.  

As long as you want to fix the screen on the wall without damaging the original design, XTile indoor screen will be your best choice. This will save a lot of repetitive work, time and cost, and provide you with maximum design flexibility.


Cable-free connection

There is no cable connection between the tiles. As long as the structural components are installed, no additional power cables and signal cables are needed. The entire screen looks very clean. This reduces the failure rate caused by the cables.

Icon-Front service-01

Completely front-service

Each XT series LED tile can be installed and maintained completely from the front. Therefore, when it is attached to the wall closely, it can be easily replaced on site. It is also feasible to install them from the back where there is space on the rear like hanging on the truss or ceiling.



High security during maintenance due to Remote Power

There is no AC120/220V high voltage inside the screen. All AC110/220V switching power supplies are placed and managed remotely. It is much helpful for safety management. For the inside of the screen, we use a safe voltage of DC36V/48V. As we know, the DC36V is a safe voltage for the human body, and 48V is also a safe voltage for contact under normal conditions. Therefore, it will not cause any danger when maintaining or replacing a single module.

Keep children away from high voltage danger

What’s more, for screens installed in retail stores or crowded places, many children like to run around and may touch the screen accidentally. It requires high safety. If the screen has any accidental current leakage, or the wire skin falls off or is bitten by a mouse, the contact with the safe voltage of DC 36V/48V will not cause irreversible danger.


XTile screen installation is very flexible and fast. According to the actual application, it is mainly divided into wall-mounted and hanging.


Wall-mounted available in extremely limited space

When installed on a wall, the entire thickness is only  35 millimeters including the installation frame. So it can be installed in a very limited space. In addition. What’s more, the installation frame is super simple. Normally, one horizontal beam on the top and one horizontal beam on the bottom are enough!

You can install a LED screen in your store at any time

Because it is super light and thin, you can install indoor screens without breaking the wallThis brings new opportunities for using the latest led display technology in these long-established brand stores. Even for a new store, in order to avoid investing too much money at the beginning, you can also consider installing the led advertising screen after operating for a period of time to attract more audience and engage with them.

Wall-mounted ultra-thin led display

Hanging anywhere

XTile indoor screens can be hung almost anywhere on the ceiling. It is feasible even if there is no load-bearing beam in the installation place. Because the entire screen is very light. This provides a lot of convenience to your design. You can choose to install it near the window to face the street, or you can choose a conspicuous location so that people can see the content right away at the door or as soon as they enter the door.

Hanging indoor led display


High Resolution

In the installation of indoor LED display screens, more and more customers have higher requirements for resolution for viewing at close range. Higher clarity always brings a better viewing experience. The XT series provides pixel pitches in the following ranges: 1.875mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 2.88mm, 3.125mm and 3.75mm.

Super high refresh rate and grayscale

Thanks to its super high refresh rate and grayscale, you can get excellent image quality even under the lens of the camera.Whether in a dark or bright environment, it has perfect image quality, consistent colors, and can remain unchanged over time. 

Powerful Novastar controller

You can connect the display via WiFi,  uploading and changing contents at will through the mobile App. And when you want to uniformly manage the screens of all stores in the entire mall, for example, play important announcements, you can actively manage the content of all screens through cloud-based software at the same time.


GOB Shield Protection

GOB stands for glue on the board. This is a special transparent protective film on the surface of the LED display front board. It is a bit like a toughened protective film on the screen of an iPhone.

It can make indoor screens resistant to impact, moisture, and scratches. After a period of use, dust will appear on the screen, you can also scrub the display with water. 

Whether your screen is installed in a place that is easy to touch or bump, or in a humid place, XTile with GOB protective layer can give you peace of mind.

GOB LED Display Module

3 Years+ Warranty

In addition to the user-friendly design, top materials, strict testing and machine mass production also ensure XTile display series the excellent quality and reliability. All XTile series indoor displays have a standard three-year product warranty. During the warranty period, any tiles can be repaired free of charge. At the same time, we also provide a 5-year extended warranty. And we provide lifetime technical support.

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