Find best led display screen for brand retails

Retail LED Display can help build remarkable immersive experiences to captivate and engage your target customers, convert them into buyers, and keep them back for more. It communicates your brands in a dynamic visual way.

With high competition among retail all the time,led digital signage provides the opportunity to shine your brand and keep paced with the trend by mixing media technology in the physical stores for omnichannel engagement.

What can the LED wall in a retail do?

Highlighting products and services       Updating messages instantly and effortlessly

Delivering sales events                           Greeting the shoppers

Attracting targeted audience                  Creating immersive shopping space

Reinforcing your brand

Concerns to install a retail led display and what we can do ?

Though it’s easy to handle the video wall with fast developing technology, there are still some main concerns when embedding the led display into the retail stores in a decoration-finished environments or during the design process before store opening.


The inside space is always limited for a retail store. How to maximum the space using is a big thing.

Right product

Our LED displays is configurable fit almost any size, shape. With 10years more experiences in led industry, our team can work seamlessly with designers, visual merchandising managers, and integrators to pick up the most suitable product to fit your curve space requirements.


Should make the embedded screen in consistent with the brand.


In the retail industries, individuality is the key to increase the conversion rate and keep you business flourish. Providing drawing support based on clients’ unique design is what we basically do. Bespoke led display sometimes is the only choice and what we’d like to do.


It is the sales clerk to manage the video wall who has no idea about the led wall technology and would fell headache facing any small spot of bother.


All the solutions are provided by having the end users in mind. You can update your display image, and deliver the marketing information with our easy to use interface.


It might be not the first but must be most important thing to consider when bring any electronic device in the place people always coming and going. And a large format size led digital wall have high AC voltage input and big power consumption.


It’s been tested and certified under strict safety standards. Correct user guide will be thoroughly explained.

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