Outdoor Advertising LED Screen Case Study

Outdoor Advertising LED Screen engaging ads, film listings, and ticket update, etc. Digital LED screen plays a key role in attracting passers-by in high traffic areas like cinemas, theme parks, shopping malls and more other entertainment venues. Viewers will be informed and entertained with movie trails, engaging ads, film listings, and ticket update, etc. So, it is important to use a high quality and reliable screen as a medium for clear and colorful images and video content.


Outdoor Advertising LED Screen attract customers around



A cinema in Japan was looking to permanently install Outdoor Advertising LED Screen beside the entrance as a dynamic platform to attract customers around. The display is 2.56m by 1.6m. Our solution was to provide two screen cabinets sized 1.28m by 0.8m.


Outdoor Advertising LED Screen applied is the conventional type with a pixel pitch of 5mm that allows for around 3-meter minimal viewing distance. The highlight of Outdoor Advertising LED Screen is the power and data input system in pairs. With backup input for both data and power, users do not have to worry about the possible failures arising during transportation or after installation. When one socket stops working, the backup socket will fill in immediately to make sure no data or power is cutting off, which make the fixed installation more reliable and stable.

dual backup Outdoor Advertising LED Screen










Product Takeaway  Outdoor Advertising LED Screen attracting passers-by in high traffic areas

Pixel pitch: 5mm

Cabinet Size: 1.28m*0.8m

LED source: SMD outdoor

Environment: IP65

Power source: Meanwell

Refresh rate: 1920Hz

Control system: Nova

Highlights: Power inputs in pair & Data inputs in pair


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