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Mission Statement

3Cinno was found to be an integrated custom led solution supplier devoted to building impressive brand experiences to customers. Building an immersive and remarkable brand experience was becoming an effective way to engage audiences, attract passersby, deliver messages, and play advertisements for Retail, Landmark, Airport, Bar, Casino, Hotel, Mall, etc. To provide this fantastic experience, you can turn to creative, flexible, and inspirational LED screen products, along with an integration service that highlights customization. The purpose of the brand experience is to enrich the user experience. In a word, we share the same goal: Individualized and creative LED solutions give users an unforgettable experience!

All walks of life possess the representative marks that make it recognizable to the world.  An innovative idea could be more effective than a conventional source to draw inspiration from.  Do you want to make further developments rather than just being average? Let’s start from taking an advantage of flexible LED items.

LED display of flexible quality lets you design, customize and create a phenomenal visual experience. They are designed for your source of creativity and inspiration. As long as you can dream it, you can do it with being flexible.

To offer you such source is our specialty. We develop and manufacture flexible LED displays for visual production companies in brand markets. More importantly, we offer custom solutions. It is also another big advantage you can take of flexible LED display products. Customization lets you make them job specific; furthermore, we intend to engage you with this special service for more innovation and inspiration to come.

Other than the custom solution to products, integration service is also tailored made to serve you in the best way. Every customer has a uniqueness. We notice it, respect it, and treat it with customized service package but on the same principle: Never let you miss a thing.

Growing rapidly on media facade market

Driven by the growing demand for flexible, transparent media mesh and creative media tubes and led pixels in architecture media facade and large-scale stage visual design, 3Cinno has provided more and more media facade solutions for bespoke installations.

3Cinno’s founder and the key members have been involved in the LED display and creative lighting industry for more than 10 years. They have collected invaluable vast experience in the designing, manufacturing and installing of LED display and Media Facade projects.

Based on the proven media facade technology platform, 3Cinno is capable of providing LED-based, outdoor, high-end, creative custom visual solutions, that maximized the benefits and opportunities of continuously developing LED screen and lighting technology. Ideas and concepts are developed and translated into durable LED media facade solutions by closely cooperating with clients, architects, designers and construction engineers.

About 3CINNOMesh

As we had made a lot of LED facade projects and our media facade market grew so rapidly, we came out a special department with new brand name, 3CINNOMesh to better promote our media facade screen series.   So for large pitch LED mesh products, you could visit the updated website to get latest information. 


Media facade platform

The wide range of 3Cinno Media Facade products provides an ideal platform able to configure any design of LED Media Facade, Mediatecture or LED lighting projects, which gives our clients complete flexibility of design. All media facade products feature super transparency, ultra-lightweight, exceptional flexibility, high power efficiency, high-brightness, wide viewing angles, superb image quality and long lifetime.

Our media facade platform mainly include media mesh foldable panels that enables the design of high-resolution and high transparency ratio creative architectural displays without the many disadvantages, such as depth and weight, associated with traditional LED display cabinet, aesthetic and smart LED media tubes that makes it popular for visible integration on the exterior or interior of building facades and event stages, flexible individual LED media pixels that are the ideal platform for creating displays on very large or unusual shaped 3-D facades.

Integration Service

Revolutionary Integration​

A decade of experience serving in brand LED industry lets us know one important fact: LED display should work seamlessly with surrounding environment, especially when it comes to highlight the brand. You will find flexible and customizable LED display for events, stage, retail stores,etc. integrated with the original design as well as some multi-media devices such as camera, speaker, switcher,etc.


Customization is a creative way to make brand and architainment visual productions special. If you are not compromising with any imperfection of a product; If you are passionate about making your visual design like no other; If you are proud of your creativity and hoping to lead new lighting change and take the inspiration further; We are here to be your dream factory. A factory that does both production and promotion. You will get the credit you deserve for opening a whole new market with your innovative ideas.

Quality Inspection

One of our methods to develop new products is to source top materials from the renowned and proved suppliers we know and we trust because we always keep eyes open to durable elements as you do. We picked up Cree, or Nationstar gold-wire LEDs, MBI driver IC, and Meanwell power supplies as the standard materials. Besides, we'll run the errands and have a training QC team to do the quality inspection in our workshop for all the processes of producing media facade products.

VIP Service

You deserve our white-glove treatment. Whatever the scope of your project could be, there is seamless support for you before, during and after a sale. Even if something goes wrong, it won’t last long.

Whole Package to go

What you get from us will be a solution package. Wherever you use the kit, we make things sure to let you use it smoothly.


There is no such thing as TIME, never was and never will be. We are time-conscious people. Service for you will be prompt, neat and never miss a thing.

Core Value

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We do not fear to be who we are because we are courageous to start a change and take a path less traveled.

We do not hesitate to do what we believe is great because we are confident to take customization further and make a difference.

We do not wonder if it is the perfect time to start because we are concentrated to create an innovative service that will win your applause.

As an integrated group, 3Cinno is growing to be your trustworthy partner.

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