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Creative LED displays for shopping centers

Shopping mall owners now like to use creative LED displays to create outstanding experiences to attract shoppers, diners, tourists, and residents.

The design of the LED display is sometimes part of the renovation of the old shopping center, and sometimes part of the earliest planning of the new shopping center. Regardless of the architecture and requirements, 3CINNO can provide customized LED screen solutions that meet the design requirements.

What kind of customized solutions can 3CINNO provide?

3CINNO can provide a variety of creative LED displays for large shopping malls, including flexible fine-pitch LED displays, high-definition LED spheres, seamless LED columns, triangles and other shaped screens.

Challenges to build successful creative led screen in the mall:

In line with the architectural aesthetics of shopping malls

The first challenge is how to make the LED creative display consistent with the design style of the shopping center, respect the original structure, and perfectly integrate with the surrounding environment, and even highlight the design aesthetics of the shopping center.

Easy to install and maintain

The second challenge is how to plan the installation and routine maintenance of such large-size LED screens. These screens are sometimes hung on the ceiling or wall-mounted, but sometimes there is not much space on the back for maintenance.

Good location, attract more people

Another challenge is to enable more shoppers to easily see the large LED display, which can make advertising and product promotion more effective, so that visitors can easily find stores in multi-storey buildings.

Great contents

The creative led display screen will not only be used as an advertising digital wall, but more importantly, it can also be used as a new medium for displaying attractive creative videos, thus greatly improving the visitor experience.

Outstanding creativity can turn shopping malls into cultural centers or entertainment centers, creating a perfect immersive experience environment for tourists and shoppers.

What you could expect from 3CINNO?

As a custom-solution based LED display manufacturer, here’s what you could expect from 3CINNO.


We’re devoted to developing custom led advertising display solutions for every customer, working with designers, architects, and engineers to integrate a unique led display into the environment of your shopping centers.


3CINNO can offer a variety of led advertising display solutions with any size, pixel pitch and shape, no matter it’s going to create eye-catching appeal, targeting nearby impulse buyers, or simply attract the potential customers.


Our led advertising display is going to be very simple to let the end users easy operate and maintain. The customers can instantly monitor the screen status, and update the marketing contents by just running a simple software on the computer.


Our custom led screen solutions for malls are to create unforgettable experiences that entice the passersby, increase the traffic, engage the customers, and finally driver revenue and reinforce your brands.


We offer 24/7 technical support, timely and professional service, and on-site installation guide and free training.

A custom-solution-based LED display manufacturer as one of special Chinese LED display suppliers provides robust and creative products, timely and professional service as our industry-leading LED screen technologies and integrated LED solutions. Driven to be excellence to meet your standards and special requirements, 3CINNO provides a one-of-a-kind design for your rental and fixed installation including stores, events, and tours, etc. through our award-winning line of LED video walls and LED video screens. Working with engineers, designers, architects, and consultants, 3CINNO is eager and proud to develop custom LED solutions for every customer while also providing top-tier customer support service no matter how small the led display is. For more details on the complete line of 3CINNO LED video screens and video walls, please visit 3CINNO at, find us on LinkedinYoutube, Facebook, or get us through direct Email,

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