Face shape LED display

Face Shape LED Display: Face-i5

Pixel pitch: P4, P5

Environment: Indoor

Application: Club, Events, Show,etc.


Face Shape LED Display

An innovative chocie for your show!

Face shape

A face shape led screen which has eyes,nose, and mouth.

3D effect

You can creates stunning 3D video contents on the face.


Adopting top materials such as Nationstar SMD, MeanWell power supply and execute strict test.

Easy installation

It looks big. But the whole screen is made up of multipe detachable cabinets.


Size (mm)

Face shape led screen dimensions

Strict Test

Our custom led screen will go through 48 hours aging test and strict quality checking before delivery. We guarantee every screen will work well after installtion. All the customer need to do is to turn on and run it.  The table quality gives you peace of mind.

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