Indoor LED Sphere Display

As a creative LED screen, the LED sphere display can play videos to viewers in all directions (360-degree).

  • SP2: P2mm, ø1m  ø1.2m  ø1.5m  ø1.8m  ø2m  ø2.5m  ø3m
  • SP2.5: P2.5mm, ø1m  ø1.2m  ø1.5m  ø1.8m  ø2m  ø2.5m  ø3m
  • SP3: P3mm, ø1m  ø1.2m  ø1.5m  ø1.8m  ø2m  ø2.5m  ø3m
  • SP4: P4mm,   ø1m  ø1.2m  ø1.5m  ø1.8m  ø2m  ø2.5m  ø3m
  • SP5: P5mm, ø2m  ø2.5m  ø3m

Environment: Indoor

LED Sphere display (also known as LED ball display, Globe LED display or LED video ball) is a new design and creative type of LED screen product. Its shape is spherical and can provide a 360-degree viewing angle effect.

It is different from the traditional LED display and has a unique 360-degree spherical appearance. Due to its unique design and visibility in any direction, it stands out among various LED displays.

The images and videos displayed by the LED spherical display have no image distortion and can immediately attract public attention.

LED spherical displays are usually hung indoors in shopping malls.

In addition, it is an excellent choice for large public places (such as museum halls, casinos, game halls, and airports), which require LED displays to display fascinating images or videos and interact with audiences.

For Your Custom Solution

Different Diameters for options

P3, ø1m  ø1.2m  ø1.5m  ø1.8m  ø2m  ø2.5m  ø3m

P4,   ø1m  ø1.2m  ø1.5m  ø1.8m  ø2m  ø2.5m  ø3m

P5, ø2m  ø2.5m  ø3m


Customizable Diameter & Pixel Pitch led ball display

Diameter & Pixel Pitch: Customizable!

When you think of installing bizarre video screens in luxury hotels or shopping malls, performing 3D dynamic video demonstrations in airports, museums, planetariums, etc., a customized LED Ball is an excellent choice.

Big LED Video Sphere


Installation: Hanging or Standing

Hanging or Standing led ball display
Hanging led ball display

Freeform LED Elements

Trapezoid LED Display Module (Indoor Series)

The ball is composed of a trapezoidal LED display module, and a clear and continuous video effect can be achieved through the seamless connection of the modules.

led ball display Seamless connection between each module for HD effects

For BETTER Visual Experience

HD Effects

The spherical display can play clear images. Although P3, P4, and P5 are relatively common pixel pitches, the surrounding 3D effect makes it feel very sharp. P2/2.5 balls can also be customized, they can provide higher clarity.

HD Effects led ball display

Related Case

The giant spherical screen uses indoor P4 full-color custom modules, and the PCB board uses a trapezoidal design to achieve seamless splicing and 360-degree viewing.

The diameter of the sphere is 17 meters, the area is about 420 square meters, and the tilt is 30 degrees. The inclined dome can make it easier for the audience to see the equatorial area.


The total steel consumption of the project is about 650 tons, mainly including the roof steel beams of the central hall, the spherical curtain and its suspension truss system.

The suspension truss is made of Q345GJC high-speed steel, the maximum plate thickness is 60mm, the span of the truss is 27 meters, and the two ends extend into the concrete cylinder.

Guess how big this LED video ball(video sphere) is?

It is actually a hemisphere, suspended under the glass ceiling of shopping mall, and through the reflection of the glass ceiling, it looks like a whole ball. Its huge diameter and ultra-high resolution can display perfect and delicate images, making itself like a work of art, and with beautiful music, it immerses people in it.

Transparent LED Sphere

Transparent LED video sphere

  • Highly transparent
  • 360° visual effect
  • Lightweight, suitable for hanging
  • Pitch 6mm(Horizontally), 9mm(Vertically) …customizable
  • Diameter: 1m, 1.5m, 2m,2.5m,…
  • Black or White color
Transparent LED sphere
Transparent video ball
Transparent led sphere display

Reference case

The highly anticipated Eric Prydz EPIC 6.0 HOLOSPHERE show debuted at the Tomorrowland Music Festival in Belgium in the summer of 2019. Eric performed in a huge 3D transparent LED sphere.

The longest length from the center is 6.5 meters. The entire sphere uses a lightweight structure and cladding system to provide high transparency. The use of slim LED strips and a light video distribution system makes the total weight of the sphere only 4.6 Ton.

The sphere uses a uniform 16 mm pixel pitch, achieving an impressive 64% transparency, and the DJ position can be displayed in the center. 806,000 LED pixels are applied to the inner and outer surfaces, which is equivalent to 276 square meters of LED screen surface displaying sharp custom animation.

One of the biggest challenges is to achieve extremely high transparency without compromising the resolution of festival productions. To achieve this goal, the design of the LED sphere allows the structure and panel to be installed with millimeter-level accuracy, and only needs to be loaded into two trucks.

The various elements of the sphere are designed to be modular and repetitive, so if a component fails—whether it is an electronic device, LED or PSU—the component can be quickly replaced. This further increases the robustness and flexibility, which is very useful when you transport such a complex and huge object to a holiday scene.

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