Foldable flexible led display in tourist attraction

The foldable flexible led display in tourist attractions is the perfect media platform to present video introductions.

And it is easy and fast to set up in a special environment.

It doesn’t need some complex heavy support frame and air-conditioner for cooling. And it supports remote control for lifting and folding.

Pixel pitch: P7.8mm
Environment: Outdoor permanently
Screen area: 13m Wide x 8m High
Location: Entrance of tourist attraction


Mechanical requirements:

The two lifting columns are about 0.8 meters in diameter, and the span between them is about 10 meters.

First of all, it is necessary to ensure the synchronization of the lifting level between the two lifting columns.

And the screen lifting and the screen folding should work in harmony.

No manual intervention is required when the screen is raised and lowered. It needs a remote operation for lifting and folding.

Foldable screen highlights:

1, Ultra-thin and super lightweight

The screen is composed of 13 units, and every unit does not have a traditional cabinet structure. The screen is ultra-thin and super lightweight.

The connections between the modules are all connected by steel wire ropes, without the need for bulky mounting brackets and cooling air conditioners.

2, Centralized power supply mode

There is no power supply on the back of the screen, and all power supplies are placed separately.

The power supply provides 48V to the top side of the screen directly.

It was a high-quality top brand power supply to ensure that the screen will not experience any power failure even after more than 5 years of use.

3, Wind resistance level 10

The screen is located at the entrance of a tourist attraction, which is also where the wind vent is.

The back of each unit uses a 4.0 steel wire rope, and the track is double-protected.

The strength should not only guarantees the screen’s lifting and lowering, but also guarantees the screen’s resistance to wind.

4, Control method: remote control

All receiving cards are all integrated into top modules of the screen, which maintained high refresh and high grayscale after running an 8m height distance.

Considering that the site is a steep mountain, if the control room is placed under the screen, the operation is inconvenient and unsafe.

Therefore, using cloud control technology, remote operations can be implemented from a distance of hundreds of meters.

5, Additional protection

When the screen is not in use, it can be stored in the storage box under the bottom to prevent the rocks from rolling off and causing damage to the screen under harsh weather.

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