Special-shaped Screens in Banquet Hall

P2.5mm custom LED display
Oval LED display
Polygon LED screen
Special-shaped screen
Diamond screen
Cube screen
Glasses-free 3D display

Project Details

The Beijing Zhengda banquet hall project includes a main banquet hall covering an area of ​​1,400 square meters, a high-tech multi-function hall of 550 square meters, a world-leading remote video conference room, VIP lounge, professional dressing room, high-end catering, and customized services.

Different from traditional banquet halls, this project has applied a large number of LED small-pitch displays and LED special-shaped displays.

The LED displays were customized for the specific space. It is a new decoration way completely different than the traditional space design.


Main Ballroom:

Large space of 1400m², a maximum height of 10.8 meters.

The column-free transparent space can accommodate more than 500 people for dining, more than 900 people for large-scale conferences and events.

Dozens of huge irregular display screens together build a 3D panoramic immersive dynamic hall.

The whole display system includes the large oval LED display on the ceiling, the polygon LED screen along the entrance, the diamond screen on the roof, and other special-shaped display screens on the wall.

The total display area exceeds 760 square meters.

The “diamondscreen in the middle of the roof brings the sense of high technology.


Several trapezoidal displays extends from left wall, to the roof, and extends to the right wall.

Dynamic videos can be displayed on all screens to form a complete 3D display space. Together with the interactive floor LED screens, they construct a huge three-dimensional scene and create an extraordinary visual experience.

At the same time, the 48-channel sound system help create a wonderful immersive audio-visual experience for the guests.

High-tech multifunctional hall:

Covering an area of ​​550 square meters, with a ceiling height of 8.3 meters, it can accommodate more than 400 people at the same time.

In this hall, a high definition fine pitch LED display was mounted on the wall and a cube screen was up of the seats.

The amazing cube screen at the ceiling can display videos on all five sides, creating a gorgeous atmosphere to the event.

Cube LED display

Glasses-free 3D display visual effect:
Dynamic glasses-free 3D movies, combined with stereo sound, present an ultimate immersive experience.

The whole scene can be played with various themed scenes, such as the mysterious underwater world, the dreamy and quiet Midsummer starry sky, and the changing scenes of the four seasons… it presents a truly immersive surround effect, making every guest in 3D scene, the virtual and reality are perfectly combined.

3CINNODisplay as a custom-solution-based LED display manufacturer has a team with more than 15 years of experience in the LED screen industry. We are committed to finding the best solution in your place, not only meet the requirements of video playing, but also create a unique and remarkable LED display.

If you are interested in placing special-shaped LED displays in your space, please don’t hesitate to contact us for suggestions or quotations.

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