Cabina de video DJ

Environment: Indoor
Installation: Permanent


Cabina de video DJ has different special shapes for the real showman in bars, disco, nightclub etc. This Video DJ booth can be controlled to operate with other lighting giving your VJ and DJ endless possibilities. Video DJ booth can display ultimate and special effects, sound to light gives a stunning centerpiece. Video DJ Booth is the ultimate in professional DJ booth’s, modular 3D LED screens to fit together to create intriguing shaped screen structures. It is sure to dazzle the viewers with stimulating and amazing illusory 3D effects. There are different models, different shapes, and sizes for options, video DJ Booth will definitely make your event special and cool!

Para su solución personalizada

Customizable Shape video dj booth


Size of Booth & Pixel Pitch Customizable.

Customizable Shape.

There are a triangle and square display modules for creating freeform LED DJ booth. Use your imagination and creativity to make a booth of mind-blowing style. An animal head, a honeycomb, a letter, or more abstract shapes and structure to explore.

Custom Effects.

Customize the digital show you want it to display for a unique presentation.

Permanent Installation video dj booth


Permanent Installation

Varieties of Shapes.

Varieties of Shapes video dj booth

Powerful Effects video dj booth

P5mm or custom pitch.

HD Effects.

It delivers stunning and vivid HD video show for a nightclub.

Powerful Effects:

Freeform LED DJ booth has already had a visual impact on the audience. But when in a nightclub with more lighting accents, music, and a cool DJ, freeform DJ booth running dazzling video show takes the credit for enhancing a wild and exciting atmosphere that engages everybody.


Cube Box Dj Booth


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