Pantalla LED circular

Ambiente: Interior
Instalación: Permanente

Pantalla LED circular also known as the circular ring, it’s composed of several fan-shaped modules, different module sizes can compose of different radius Circular LED Display. High refresh rate and high grayscale ensure Circular LED Display high-quality video playing effect. Photographers no need to worry the black lines and the wave in your good photos. Ultra-thin, lightweight and each module back has built-in magnets, easy and quick for installation, the screen size and shape can be perfectly installed according to the designer’s imagination. Circular LED Display can achieve arch, circle, a ring shape, fine adjustment of angle and gap. Good uniformity allows for vivid video playing effect.

Para su solución personalizada

Customize the digital show you want circular led display to display for a unique presentation



Circle Size & Pixel Pitch Customizable.


Custom Effects.

Customize the digital show you want it to display for a unique presentation.




Customizable circular led display Shape



Forma personalizable.

Creativity always goes a little bit further when you use a freeform LED display. More shapes will come out when you add other freeform elements or make certain kinds of transformation. Call it an arch, a ring, a curve, or more custom-made shapes.




Instalación: Hanging or Fixed.


Shapes: Arch, Ring, Circle…


Arch, Ring, Circle circular led display

                                Inside & Outside of the circle is visible.

Inside & Outside of circular led display is visible


High definition circular led display



High definition performance of both video playback and effects.



Powerful Effects:

Unleash the power of Circular LED Display by adding more lighting accents and get it music activated. Great for the nightclub, shows, and more entertainment spots.



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