Cilindro Pantalla LED

La pantalla cilíndrica LED puede proporcionar una vista perfecta de 360 grados, creando un efecto 3D realista. Sin limitaciones de tamaño, Empalme sin costuras, Curva suave.

Tamaño de píxel: P1.5, P1.6, P1.8, P2, P2.5, P3, P4, P5mm

Ambiente: Interior

Instalación: Permanente

The LED cylinder screen can provide a perfect 360-degree view display, creating a realistic 3D effect.

It can play high-definition video and special effects.

The magnet design allows full access to the front, easy to repair and replace the module.

Cylinder screens are particularly suitable for wrapping indoor columns, such as in hotels, shopping malls, and airports, to create the digital video wall.

Height, pixel pitch, and diameter are customizable.


Customizable Shape cylinder led screen


Cylinder LED Screen Size(diameter/Length) & Pixel Pitch Customizable.


Forma personalizable.

It may be more interesting by adding other free-form LED elements or shaping them according to your creative design.

The cylinder LED screen can provide dynamic videos, texts and animations to viewers from all directions.

Multiple pillars with smaller diameters can be hung to create vivid scenes. Larger pillars can stand in shopping malls, airports and other places to play high-definition advertising videos.


100% Front Serviceable cylinder led screen


Permanent Installation


100% Front Serviceable:

Magnet design allows for easy and quick installation and removal, front serviceable.



360° Visible cylinder led screen

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Small-pitch cylinders can play very high-definition videos





360° Visible 

The dynamic digital show is smoothly delivered to audiences all around the pillar structure.






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