Face shape led screen

Face Shape LED Screen in the Hollywood Bowl Theater

At the Hollywood Bowl Theater in Los Angeles, California, USA, the Disney Pixar COCO outdoor performance was crowded with stars, singing, and dancing.

Face shape led screen in theatre

The theater stage audiovisual solution is provided by PRG; the customized irregular led displays are provided by 3CINNO, and the 3CINNO face-shape mask 3D screen and the five-pointed star DJ led booth accompanied all audiences to witness the wonderful moments of the theater.

Face-shape 3D LED Screen

With creative thinking and high-tech content, 3CINNO products detonated the double shock of vision and soul, perfectly integrated into the theater, won the high recognition of the performers, and showed an amazing style for the whole party.

Regarding the R&D of special-shaped products, 3CINNO has always adhered to the R&D-based-on-market path:

Conception–>Prototype Demonstration–>Market Feedback–>Design Correction–>Mold Opening–>Trial production–>Production and Installation–>On-Site Training–>After-Sales Service–>Product Iteration

Every step has strict standards.

Face-shape 3D LED Screen-Provided by 3CINNO

3CINNO’s LED mask display has become a hot product in the market, and has successively moved to Barcelona in Spain, Okinawa in Japan, Munich in Germany, Dubai, and Las Vegas in the United States,etc.

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