World Cup Russia LED Display

Fine pitch led display in studios during 2018 FIFA World Cup

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is currently ongoing in Russia which started from June 14th and will end with the final match on July 15th 2018. There are 64 matches in total held in 12 venues located in 11 cities. This is the first World Cup took place in Eastern European ,and first time the tournaments play on two continents – Europe and Asia. It attracts billions of people not only the loyalty football fans watching the grand ceremony and marvellous matches gathering the globe top football players.

This eye-catching event has become the most important advertising battlefield this year, where you could promote the products and companies, and get your domestic brand to be known around the world. Around 2.4 billion dollars has been invested in advertising. And biggest part around 835 million dollars are from Chinese companies. Chinese also won the most FIFA sponsors numbers up to 7.

You will not feel strange when you see Chinese characters showing on the perimeter led display.

LED perimeter display

LED perimeter display:

LED perimeter display


LED digital signage will be nearly found everywhere during the World Cup season. For example, in the large foot ball stadiums,the digital signage can play advertisement that build your brand,  and deliver information for fans, capture and maximize the fan experience.And in the broadcasting studios, the true seamless fine pitch led digital wall help create the immersive environments for TV-front fans.

LED score boards

Let’s see the main types of sport digital signage used in the Word Cup Russia.

LED scoreboards:    Show scores;

LED handed boards:  Show allowance&extra time and substitution number;

LED video displays on stand : Show replays, players profiles and live video;

LED display standing around the court(LED perimeter display): Advertise the brands for live and TV audience;

LED display in studio: Broadcasting, replay and tactical analysis ;

studio led display

Here let’s allow to spend some minutes to discuss the last one, the small pitch LED display used for broadcasting studios. By using  latest LED display technology, the fine pitch led display series made by 3CINNO (a Chinese creative led display supplier), have been installed in small and big studios in different countries and won very good reputation.

Below is main advantage of 3CINNO direct-view fine pitch led video wall:

*Standard 16:9 ratio tile, precisely achieve HD/FHD/UHD/SHV resolution;

* 27in diagonal tile size, perfectly substitute for any existing 54in or 108in LCD screen;

*Front installation and front maintenance, quickly change any broken module, power supply, and receiving card without high skills;

*Cable-less design between tiles, fast assemble a led screen and get it work in any urgent broadcasting event;

*High refresh rate and ultra-high contrast, professionally work with smart cameras;

*Calibration data retrieval function and Redundant design for power and signal supply,intelligently work for important shows;

Fine pitch led display cable-less design


Although LED display technology has been rapidly increasingly installed in broadcasting studios, we still need to learn how it can be utilized for new sets. It is more involved than just hanging or holding a display on a support.

During the studio set design phase, clients has many questions to ask and to be answered correctly, but in order to choose the correct and currently available LED display technology, more importantly,it is to ask the right questions and get the proper answers. In order to ask the correct questions, some basic things need to be considered including what is behind the technology, what is available, and how it interfaces with the broadcast studio infrastructure both electronically and physically without diminishing the integrity of the set design.

LED display systems are designed with 4 main system components:

* Tile/Cabinet size  ( The tile or cabinet is the largest active component of an LED display.)

* Signal processing (How the video signals are distributed and reach the display.)

* Power supply (How’s the power cabling and what’s input voltage between AC220V or 120V)

Support Structure (How the LED display system is supported, floor-stood, hung, embedded or surface mounted.)

3CINNO small pixel led display cable-free


The LED display systems have become the main design choice for studio video walls. Consulted with experienced LED display experts from the very beginning of the design ,through the completed installation process, and use of the LED display system, is essential before making the decisions of what to use, where and how to make.

3CINNO, the solution-based led display manufacturer has much experience in cooperating with broadcast system integrator, and the best set designers. We are pleased to recommend professionals to you.


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