Flexible LED Screen Trend

Flexible LED Screen Trend 1

In rental and staging world, LED display screens that are flexible in every direction offer users the ultimate display solution.features of Flexible LED Screen Trend


In terms of transportation and installation, nothing beats lightweight and thin LED screens which have many variations nowadays: portable magnetic modules, rollable or foldable screens, soft pixel wall, LED mesh…They are time and labor efficient for deployment, especially popular in countries facing high labor cost.

Flexible LED Screen Trend 2

They being physically flexible also guarantees versatility to some extent. When breaking a large format screen into flexible elements takes no added effort, you will have the mood and energy to use a little creativity for more interesting display configuration. Now building creative and eye-catching display is all the rage, as people’s eyes are more wide open for the physical configuration other than the content being displayed. It is all about eye-pleasing and tasteful visual experience. Flexible LED display screens couldn’t be more suitable for this need.

Flexible LED Screen Trend 3

dramatic shapes and effects Flexible LED Screen Trend

People-oriented, they constantly deliver inspirations and more possibilities have been explored to incorporate them in so many applications. They appear on building façade and windows, they wrap up the columns in shopping malls and other places, they fit unique building designs, they make a splash at clubs…

Flexible LED Screen Trend 4

People can see them almost at every public place. Sometimes you will find them alive in a more subtle way because of better integration; sometimes you will find them over the top thanks to dramatic shapes and effects it can handle. They cannot deliver such performance tailor-made to every application without being impressively flexible.



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