Nightclub LED Display Case

The NICE Nightclub combines the latest LED lighting and display technology-Case Study

NICE nightclub represented the most cutting-edge entertainment space design case.

Some design details about the LED display used in NICE Nightclub

Main Facade & DJ Booth

le main façade includes at least three layers. They are light arrays, P4 irregular screens, curved transparent screens, arranged in layers from the inside to the outside.

le DJ booth is designed in a spherical shape.

There is a circle of arc-shaped transparent screen on the spherical equator, and LED light strips are put on the outline of the spherical structure.

le irregular LED P4 screen is installed behind the DJ booth.

Left and Right Facades

The DJ booth perfectly integrated with the transparent screen and the irregular P4 screen. All screens together give people a sense of oneness.

On the left and right façades, the LED P4 screens are crossed with the double-layer wire mesh, while the light strips are embedded in the mesh.

The screen can interact with the lights. They are set to different scenes. VJ can call different scenes according to the situation.


le ceiling of the entire space is designed with a hexagonal shape as the background, and each intersection has LED pixels. There are many cylindrical transparent screens arranged under the ceiling. Lightweight machinery (independent lifting) is embedded in the cylinder.

The diamond-shaped heavy mechanical lamp holder is inserted in the middle, and the atmosphere lamp array is installed at the ends.

Hence, on the roof, there are two shapes structure, circular and diamond shapes are superimposed that gives a sense of hierarchy.

Sum up

To sum up, at first the designer uses the LED flex strips to outline different structure in the space.

The P4 LED irregular screen, curved transparent screen, and lifting machinery are perfectly combined together to construct this unique space.

Through real-time dynamic control of the speed change of the lifting machinery and the interactive scene of the lighting and the LED display, an extraordinary immersive visual space is truly created.

Nightclub led display design
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