Go from Conventional to Freeform

Rectangular LED screen tiles assembled in a heavy-duty cabinet is the traditional type of LED display. You might think the rectangular is “old school”, but actually it will still be new and freeform with sort of modification, like the way to install the tiles that guarantees a certain level of flexibility.

The custom LED display series on offer on our website is such a type that has been successfully transformed from conventional LED screen elements to interesting screen configuration. Let’s take a closer look at the custom Rectangular LED screen. With four sides viewable, the column is commonly applied in shopping malls, airports, retail stores, trade shows and other high traffic areas. Other than that, some lounge and bars will also use the column to display themed and engaging video contents.
high definition performance Rectangular LED screen One of the LED screen column models consist of 3mm pitched screen modules. Compared with conventional screw mounted screen tiles, the magnetic modular design allows for easy and quick panel alignment to the custom structured column frame; it also minimizes the seam between each column side. The fine pitch guarantees high definition performance. When you load the custom video content into the column, you will find it such a great media delivering excellent performance both physically and electrically.

The key points to make the Rectangular LED screen different and special are simple. One is the magnetic modular design, another is the custom-made column structure. Still, it is rectangular, but with the possibility to go freeform.

Similarly, the custom LED cube and custom LED fold are not subject to rectangular modules. With creative idea and modification needed accordingly, it will be possible and easy to go from conventional to freeform.


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