Irregular led display/led circle display

LED circle display, one type custom led display

LED circle display is one of custom-shape irregular led screens requested by some special designs. Sometimes irregular led display solution came to the table because of the physical restrictions in the installation site. But sometimes, the designers strongly want to make a unique stuff to strongly match the whole idea and widely spread the brands. In their personalized design, the LED screen is not only as a functional display to show some advertising videos or message images, but also as a iconic aesthetic artwork. It actually integrates the led display and sculpture. The second has been well received in the minds of space designers and architects.It became a important part in the large-public-place design. The LED solid-circle display is one of those creative ideas.

Irregular led display/led circle display

To make a solid circle led display, there are somethings need to discuss with led display manufacturer.

* Led pixel pitch

Pixel pitch for irregular led display has become smaller from previous P5, P6 to current popular P3.

* Diameter

1m, 1.5m, or any special measurement is capable to be made by 3CINNO.

* Borderless or enclosure design around the round

Most time, there is narrow enclosure around the circle in order to fix well and get even surface and easily do no-gap assembly. But borderless  design is coming out from our R&D department .

3CINNO is a long-history irregular screen maker now also named as brand builder, who welcome any special design, provides strong technical support, and most importantly make the original idea come into true.

irregular led display/led circle display

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