led screen for church

LED Screen for Church

The LED screen is a ‘game changer’ in the events of the house of worship. Actually LED screen for church has become one of the most powerful ways to engage the congregations. Because It can create new opportunities to enhance your worship experiences. The led video wall helps significantly to improve comprehension of scripture passages, sermon points and song lyrics. What’s more, the LED screens are an affordable, effective way for the churches all over the world.

Flexible to use

With led video panels side by side, you can build a seamless large screen on the center and install smaller or long strip screens on the sides. Most of the time, the side led screen for church are closer to the Perimeter’s congregation, while the center large led wall might be double distance. It makes stage look bigger and get the led displays to communicate the messages, worship to all the congregation.  As there is other project management on other place, the production team can easily get all the led video panels down and build them up on the street for the weekend.

Lower power and higher brightness

Compared to the traditional display technologies like projectors, the led screen for church is much brighter but less power consumption. Brighter performance is much better specially under excessive ambient light environments. And though brightness of led screen is inherently higher than other video wall technologies, usually it requires only half the power. It also give longer lifespan to the led screen for church, at least 80,000 hours at half brightness.

Main things to consider when select a led screen for church

LED screens rapidly become an necessary part of church design, but it’s also raised concerns about how to choose the right led display products for your church. It will spend more money than necessary if you buy more than your church actually needs.

To avoid over-buy for churches, there are some first things we should consider:


Pixel pitch is the center-to-center space between vertical and horizontal adjacent LED, usually measured in millimeters. The smaller the pixel pitch, the closer your viewing distance will be. But Smaller pitch will also cost you more. So it is very important to choose appropriate pixel pitch led screen for church. You can get the distance between the led screen and the first row in your church. The maximum pitch is get your first row see the whole image instead of individual LEDs than make up the image.

Here’s simple formula to evaluate the pixel pitch, every millimeter of pixel pitch allow one meter viewing distance. For example, if it is 3 millimeters, the minimum/optimal viewing distance is 3 meters.


Brightness is measured in NITS or cd/sqm,used in video walls. If you’re doing an outdoor event during daytime, your led screen need to compete with the sunlight. Higher than 4000 NITS is required in this situation. However, if it is led screen for church inside, even with a 1200 NITS brightness, you may not need to run it at 100% intensity for your image,and videos. 2500 NITS will be maximum, or else, 4000 NITS will be overwhelming and overkill for your congregation. So don’t invest in highest brightness than you need.


The screen size is related to the cost and how to choose suitable led screen for church. Sometimes, we need to customize a led screen to embed the screen in the installation site perfectly.

Besides the dimensions, some special feature should be considered. For example, in outdoor strong wind occasions. Here transparency in panel design can allow the led screen blow through the wind, not against it.  Of course, looking for stable led screen for church is essential as there is always safety concern for events led screen.

To make big difference in your ministry envision events from sermon points to pieces of scripture, we’ll help you find suitable LED screen for church. 3CINNO’s professional team will like to be involved in every step of building led screen in the church, from start to finish, and come up with creative solution for every problem. Contact us now, inquiry@3cinno.com to make a space greatly engage the congregations.