LED screen solution for events

It is widely accepted to use led screens for events, and a bespoke led display is a key factor to build unforgettable BRAND experiences in a wide variety of events such as concerts, live tours, festivals, and television broadcasts, automotive, trade shows, corporate product launches, and meetings, etc.

To bring your vision into life and make the custom experiences, 3CINNO is capable to provide all sorts of solutions for all your creative needs by our ever-growing production lines including lightweight bendable led mesh, flexible modules,pixel-to-pixel calibration fine pitch led display,  cutting edge curved rental series, quick&easy setup and dismantling touring systems,etc.

What kind of led screens for events?LED poster for cooperate events

LED flexible mesh as a backdrop on stage for touring events

LED HD rental screen for live shows, motor exhibitions, etc.

LED transparent screen for live shows, etc.


Choosing the perfect match for your occasion from a wide selection of LED video walls in different configurations and sizes.

Why choose 3CINNO as your LED rental screen supplier in your events?

Every event is a custom-tailored project.

We’ll strive to meet the vision and budget of clients BY PROVIDING:

  • Talented and easy installation screens compatible with the venue and any used media devices.
  • Speedy technical support and professional service from the design to finish in the whole process of the event.
  • Experienced engineer on-site technical support to help manage and troubleshoot the led wall.

This is your event and we are proud to professionally help you create a successful brand experience by adopting suitable led screen for your event.

For any unique solutions we can bring to your touring concerts, corporate events, or other occasions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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