Glazen LED-scherm voor autodealer

high definition glas led scherm

glazen ledscherm verbetert merkbeleving

glazen ledscherm zorgt voor een verbluffend visueel effect

glazen ledscherm zorgt voor een gedenkwaardige visuele ervaring

glazen ledscherm gebruikt voor reclame

Glass LED Screen is an innovative display in the car dealer shops, it can communicate the auto brand with clients in a very impressive and fashionable way. The high transparency and high definition feature help it creates an amazing impact on storefronts and windows.

Glass LED Screen allows the car dealership shopfront or shop windows to be a powerful digital advertising space, being recognized under direct sunlight from a few miles. Natural light is allowed into the building and digital content is transmitted out. That allows retailers to maximize the impact of advertising campaigns without sacrifice larger areas of the windows.

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