Een van de opwindende Freeform LED-elementen__LED Strip-scherm

If you are looking to build either a large scale LED video wall, or a LED building façade, you might find one type of LED element quite a versatile solution, which is, LED strip screen.

Let’s take it back to LED strips in lighting category that designers use often to build a DJ booth façade, or a small scale LED video wall for effects as well as image and video playback. LED strips are very easy to work with because there are so many varieties with which you can always find a suitable control system. In terms of installation, strips are also user-friendly. It is flexible to even fit interesting and challenge lighting design.

Similarly, an LED screen category, there is a freeform LED element that takes the essence of strips lights, ie., LED strip screen. It delivers a stronger visual impact with much smaller pitches between LEDs and deeper color palette, an upgraded version of LED strip lights, so to speak.

You might think it looks like LED bar lights, but not as simple actually. LED strip displays are capable of configuration on a large scale LED displays; more excitingly, you can integrate them into interesting and creative structure design. As a versatile freeform LED element, it intuitively engages you in a freestyle.


strong visual impact LED Strip Screen

With better integration, a stronger visual impact and more exciting freeform configuration ability, it is going to be one of the best freeform LED elements ever.

New LED strip screen is coming soon…Stay tuned.  😉




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