Fijne pitch LED-display

With the new Mini LED technology, the fine pitch led screen has better impact resistance and visual performance!

  • UHD-0.9M:  P0.937mm, Mini LED, IMD 4-in-1
  • UHD-1.2:  P1.25mm, SMD 3-in-1
  • UHD-1.2M:  P1.25mm, Mini LED, IMD 4-in-1
  • UHD-1.5:  P1.56mm, SMD 3-in-1
  • UHD-1.5M:  P1.56mm, Mini LED, IMD 4-in-1
  • UHD-1.8:  P1.875mm, SMD 3-in-1
  • UHD-2.0:  P2.08mm, SMD 3-in-1
  • UHD-2.5:  P2.5mm, SMD 3-in-1

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Fijne pitch LED-display delivers true-to-life images and videos with high precision pixel pitches, and brings a great viewing experience to the audience at a close viewing distance. By providing extraordinary image quality with precise colors,  Fine Pitch LED Display creates remarkable visual experiences that keep constant over time. 

What’s more, it allows you to increase your screens’ work-life thanks to their high reliability and advanced features. Lightweight front accessible Fine Pitch LED Display with conveniences over the conventional fixed led screen, it makes things easier for stack or hanging installation without any tools. The uses for the  Fine Pitch LED Display are endless, and people become more and more used to interacting with them for business. People always stop and say “Wow.”


De nieuwste en verbeterde Fine Pitch LED Display-oplossingen zullen nieuwe toepassingen mogelijk maken op een groot aantal gebieden, waaronder controlekamers, omroepstudio's, vergader- en trainingsruimten, musea, universiteitscampussen, merkwinkels, winkelcentra, bioscopen, hotels, sportbars, luchthavens en huizen van aanbidding, etc.


fine pitch led display gebruikt in uitzend- / controlekamer
fine pitch led display gebruikt bij bedrijfs- / videoconferentie


Integrated power and control card box cabinet

Everyone can easily handle the small-pitch LED display!

The integrated box has a built-in HUB card, power supply, and receiving card. This design eliminates the need for customers to learn complicated techniques.

Installation and maintenance have never been easier. For many problems, customers only need to replace the internal small integrated box without judging the details.

Integrated control box indoor fine pitch screen

Non-technical ordinary people can easily operate


Cable-free design cabinet

There are no cables between the upper and lower cabinets, making the back of the screen look very clean, leaving a good impression on customers!

The wireless design simplifies the wiring. In addition, this design greatly reduces the failure rate.

fijne pitch led display cable free connection


16: 9 gouden verhouding fijne pitch led display

* 16:9 panel size,  600*337.5mm         

* 4:3 panel size,   640*480mm      

Met een nauwkeurig 16: 9/4: 3 modulair ontwerp, kan het scherm standaard een standaard FHD, 2K, 4K resolutie krijgen en elke 16: 9 HD-video zonder schaal afspelen. De twee meest typische paneelafmetingen zijn 4: 3, ook bekend als standaardpaneel of vierkant paneel, en 16: 9, ook bekend als gouden-verhoudingspaneel of breed paneel.

Easy to configure 2K, 4K, 8K, 16K High resolution Indoor Screen

16:9 high resolution indoor screen
front-toegang fijne pitch led display

* Frontservice

Het ontwerp van de magnetische modules kan elke module binnen 2 seconden van voren verwisselen.   

Het is beschikbaar voor aan de muur bevestigde schermen onder de situatie van beperkte ruimte aan de achterkant.

Fijnspeld led-display aan de voorzijde met magneetgereedschap

Voorste onderhoudsmodule is tijd- en arbeidsbesparend, die slechts enkele seconden in beslag nemen om de defecte module met een magnetisch gereedschap uit te schakelen.

plug-and-play fijn pitch-led display

* Wireless module

* Plug & Play Module

Een kabelvrije verbinding maakt u gemakkelijk voor installatie en bespaart u veel handmatige problemen.

Plug-and-play ontwerp voor de modulegegevens en stroomingang, geen extra gelijkstroomvoedingskabel en lintkabel.

fine pitch led displaymodule

There are no power or data cables between module and inside receiving card, which can save you time, labor & space by quite a lot and secure a good power & data connection.

safty fijne pitch led display

* Safety design with backup data and power

Fine Pitch LED-display heeft back-upgegevens en voedingen, als een daarvan faalt, blijft de andere werken, zodat er geen gegevens verloren gaan en de schermbediening veilig verloopt. Redundante gegevens en voeding zorgen ervoor dat het scherm altijd goed draait tijdens het ter plekke uitzenden, live vergaderen, enz.


4K High Definition fine pitch led display

* 4K

Ultrafijne pixelpitch brengt HD, UHD, 4K-video-inhoud tot leven. Nieuwe technologie is toegepast op zowel de module als de kast om een naadloze verbinding tot stand te brengen.

3840 HZ refresh rate fijne pitch led display

* Hoge verversingssnelheid

Tot een verversingsfrequentie van 3840 Hz treden er geen scheuren in het beeld of hikken van video's op bij het kijken naar de camera. Fine Pitch LED Display maakt volledige weergave van individuele pixels mogelijk zonder beeldvervorming.

* Zwarte anti-reflectie SMD verhoogt het contrast

* Scherpe kleur en helderheid uniformiteit

* Hoog grijs zelfs bij lage helderheid

160 kijkhoek fijne pitch led display

* 160 ° kijkhoek

* Kwaliteit gegarandeerd door automatische productielijn

Fine Pitch-LED Dankzij de grote kijkhoek van het scherm krijgt u een volledig beeld, waar u ook zit, terwijl UHD-beeld en video-inhoud u een meeslepende kijkervaring bieden.


Useful Details:

Pixel pitch: 0.9375mm (UHD-0.9M), 1.25mm (UHD-1.2M), 1.5625mm (UHD-1.5M)

LED Type: Mini LED IMD 4-in-1

 Pixel pitch: 1.25mm (UHD-1.2), 1.5625mm (UHD-1.5), 1.875mm (UHD-1.8),  2.08mm (UHD-2), 2.5mm (UHD-2.5)

LED Type: SMD 3-in-1

Helderheid: 800 CD/m2

Viewing angle: 160° H / 160° V

Refresh rate: 3840 Hz

Gray scale: 16 bits

Contrast: 4000 : 1

Max. power consumption (Full white color): 600W/m2

Aver. power consumption (playing videos): 200W/m2

Input power:  AC110~240V 50/60 Hz

Cabinet size: 600*337.5mm (23.6″ * 13.28″)

Service ability: Front

Installation access: Front or Rear

Redundant design:  Optional

IP rating: IP30

Certificates: 3C, CE, RoHS



COB full flip technology

The chip is directly mounted on the PCB board, breaking the physical space limitation of the traditional SMD packaging process and realizing the possibility of a smaller pitch.

High reliability

The chip is directly soldered on the PCB board, eliminating the need for wire bonding. The soldering area is more than 6 times that of the traditional, which can withstand higher currents and the product becomes more reliable.

Ultra-low power consumption

The chip has low thermal resistance, and with the common cathode solution, it can achieve very low power consumption, that is highly energy saving. Even if it is used for a long time, there is no color block and no color cast.

High protection

The surface of the module is encapsulated with epoxy resin and has a variety of surface treatment processes, that can greatly improve the protection. The module surface can reach IP65, waterproof, dustproof, anti-shock, anti-scratch, anti-static, and anti-salt fog.

Very high contrast ratio (>20,000:1)

With flip-chip technology,the chip’s proportion on the PCB board becomes smaller. When the screen is black, all areas except the light-emitting chip become black, and the ink color consistency is good. Perfectly solve the ink color consistency under daily environmental lighting conditions, and the surface blackness is greatly improved. The black picture has no reflection and no edge optical effect.

Large viewing angle (175°)

LED module is converted from “point light source” to “surface light source” due to its much wider viewing angle. 175° ultra-wide viewing angle makes any position a central viewing position. Any horizontal and vertical angles can ensure the consistency and uniformity of brightness and color.

Support HDR

The COB display can get 3840 high refresh, up to 22bit grayscale depth, 2000CD/m2 peak brightness, >120%NTSC color gamut. And it supports HDR function, which can achieve ultra-high dynamic contrast. Even if when it is low brightness in a dark environment, it can restore the true color of the picture .


More advantage description:

Fine Pitch LED Display adopts breakthrough technology to achieve the real seamless splicing with P0.9/P1.2 /P1.5 / P1.6 / P1.8/ P1.9/ P2.0/ P2.5 pixel pitch. The excellent features of dual backup of the power supplies and the receiving cards, which enhances the stability and reliability. 

The high-density pixels create a full-detailed and crisp appearance, adding an element of luxury and high quality to Fine Pitch LED Display and making it ideal for your location. Fine Pitch LED Display to get ultra-high resolution images for indoor applications where image quality matters, such as control rooms, broadcasting studios, meeting & training rooms, museums, college campuses, brand retails, etc.

The Small Pitch LED Display has enhanced the high standard of image and video performance. UHD LED Display brings new chances for content which was restricted by LCD video screen. 

The module, receiving-card, power-supply, and cables between cabinets are all front maintainable which can save a lot of space and time. What’s more, the specially-designed aluminum cabinet could be installed from the front as well, which makes it more adjustable to the limited-space condition. 

Noteworthy innovative features and high-end technologies allow Fine Pitch LED Display to cater various of intensive applications; making it a complete package for any requirement you may have and bring your content to life.

Ultra high definition Fine Pitch LED Display creates a true-to-life viewing experience. The audience can enjoy a great viewing experience with high contrast, large viewing angle and seamless splicing. With a pleasing to the eye 16:9 golden ratio, Fine Pitch LED Display could create an immersive viewing experience, and easy to splice to inconsistent with most common-used video proportion of 4:3 or 16:9, which could cut down the splicing cost. 

The back of cabinet has an LCD information window that it displays real-time temperature, voltage, cabinet usage timing for each time used and total hours of usage. Its excellent color consistency, big color-gamut, and stunning image quality make itself an ideal product for professional conferencing and creative multimedia LED screen.

Each part of Fine Pitch LED Display has reliable and stable pin type socket, which secured the connection of displays. The cable-free design makes it fast for assembling and stable in data & power transmission, achieving tidy and elegant connection. Finely processed diecasting aluminum cabinet, special splicing-structure can achieve seamless splicing. 

The connecting mechanism could dispose of dark or bright lines between panels and cause no worry of installation efficiency for the engineers anymore. Unique structural design that helps you to install the screen on the ground or hanging without any tools, convenient for both hanging or stacking installation.

Fine Pitch LED Display has a world-class performance and quality to meet the high standard requirements of indoor HD display applications such as broadcasting studios, control rooms, conference rooms, pavilions, monitoring centers, command centers and so on.

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