One-of-a-kind Circular LED Display to be Built in New Atlanta Falcons Stadium

Daktronics is always the pioneer of the freeform LED display market, and now they are going to build one-of-a-kind circular LED video display with the latest technology for the new Atlanta Falcons Stadium that is still under construction and is projected to open in 2017. It is said that this unique display will measure approximately 58 feet high by 1,100 feet in circumference. Also, Daktronics said it would be “a design first in any stadium worldwide”.

For an iconic structure like Atlanta Falcons Stadium attracting fans and viewers all over the world, designers will always search for elements that are better integrated into the structure, and that even redefine it or add to it. Take this unconventional circular LED display here for example. circular LED video display is integrated into the circular design of the roof, turning the circle into a dynamic platform that informs and entertains the audience while adding excitement to any events to be held there. The final effects are not like what rectangular LED screens are capable to do.

Here is a fly-through of the new New Atlanta Falcons Stadium. You will see how LED elements are integrated into the structure and how they can revive the whole place.

As techno circular LED video display bringing pleasant and jaw-dropping visual experience to viewers logy develops fast, a trend is rising to meet people’s increasing need of artistic factors in a highly industrialized world or kind of change people’s taste so to speak, which is freeform LED display. With great flexibility, circular LED video display delivers better integration into so many creative and challenging structures, bringing pleasant and jaw-dropping visual experience to viewers. Not only for the grand spot like world-famous buildings, stadiums, etc., circular LED video display is incorporated into most public places like bars, shopping malls, airports, museums, and so much more.



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