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Pick up the right LED display in the Esports venue

What kind of LED display can be used on the S11(League of Legends World Championship 2021) stage and what characteristics should it have?

The League of Legends World Championship (commonly abbreviated as Worlds) is one of the most well-known esports events in the world. It has been successfully held for 11 seasons since 2010.

The 2021 S11 finals, as an annual esports carnival feast, not only gathers a large number of players offline, but also attracts global audiences online. The game attracted hundreds of millions of viewers to watch live online.

A large number of spectators and a high degree of attention put forward extremely high requirements on the operation of the event, and there is no room for sloppiness.

Compared with regular competition events, the intuitiveness of e-sports events is weak, and the audience must use the large display screen to watch the entire game normally.

At the S11, the background screen and the screens on both sides of the channel all use high-definition LED displays.

 LED screen for Esports

What are the characteristics of a qualified LED display that can be used in e-sports competition venues?

Low latency, high frame rate, high refresh rate

The on-site large LED screen must carry out a very low-latency real-time broadcast of the game screen in order to immerse the audience in the game.

So in e-sports, how to present the picture to the audience with high quality and low latency (almost zero delays) is the key thing that the organizer of the game must solve.

With a delay of less than 2 frames at the receiving end, during the live event, the fierce game scene can be synchronized smoothly in real-time without stuttering, and there will be also no scan line in the image captured and transmitted to the outfield. This ensures a consistent viewing experience for both online and offline audiences.

Even for high-end LCD displays, there will be a 3-5ms delay in the response time of the screen, and there will still be tailing and ghosting when playing intense motion pictures. It greatly affects the audience’s immersive look and feel.

LED lamp itself has ultra-fast response speed, and the LED display used for e-sports has higher requirements, which needs to reach 144fps high frame rate, at least 3840Hz high refresh rate, low latency, nanosecond response speed.

Seamless splicing, easy to build 360° large screen

Different from traditional competitive competitions, in e-sports competitions, the focus of the audience’s viewing is not the player’s operation scene, but the wonderful picture feedback in the game. This puts forward very high requirements for the presentation of the picture: First, a large screen that can support the viewing of the entire stadium is necessary; and a screen that can be viewed on 4 sides needs to be very easy to build;

The LED display must have the characteristics of infinite seamless splicing, and the support for 8K is more perfect without being limited by the size. However, LCD and OLED display technologies cannot meet the large-size high-end commercial market and display under 8K ultra-high resolution. The effect is not satisfactory

Wide viewing angle

The horizontal viewing angle reaches 160° and the vertical viewing angle reaches 140°, which greatly guarantees the viewing experience of the audience at various locations on the scene, allowing the audience to have a clear view of the game through the broadcast screen.

Very high stability

The number of operations per minute (APM) of professional players in e-sports can reach more than 300, and some even exceed 500. When the average person plays a game, the APM is about 50 to 150, which shows that winning or losing is only a moment.

Therefore, during the live broadcast, the stability requirements of the display products are very high, and there should be no sudden situations such as flickering or failure to light up in the middle, so as to avoid adverse effects on the on-site performance of the players and the watching experience of the live audience.

High contrast, high gray

The e-sports stage LED display also needs to support HDR10, 22bit grayscale, high contrast ratio of 8000:1, which can perfectly restore the true color of the source image, so that the details of each frame of the game can be displayed undoubtedly;

Higher brightness

LED has the brightness that LCD can’t reach, and can even surpass the brightness of OLED. The brightness can reach up to 1500nit, even if the stage lighting is strong, the picture can be perfectly presented;

Wide color gamut

110% NTSC wide color gamut, high color accuracy, so that every game character can be vividly presented in front of your eyes.

Perfect consistency

The LED display needs perfect consistency to avoid the phenomenon of deep mosaic

Future of LED display in ESports

The League of Legends World Championship has achieved great success and popularity, making it the most prestigious and most viewed tournament in the world, as well as the most viewed video game in the world. Due to its success, the e-sports scene has become prominent and widely regarded as a potential Olympic event, which has been included in the 2022 Asian Games medal event.

In any e-sports competition, you must choose the right large LED screen on the scene!

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